Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hope you all had a GREAT Christmas!!!

Yes, been slack  - hope Christmas was fun for everyone!  Finally did some work!  Firstly though - check out the goodies my beloved Sis-in-law sent over! Wow she has been busy - been hoping she would start a blog as there is much more than food on the go at her place! (c'mon Kerry BLOG!!)

Here's the goodies:

Oh here we go again!! Sideways?? It's not on my puter.. what's with that??

Anyway - you get the idea :) Also.. I purchased some Heidi Ott dolls a while back, the baby kit so I could knit.. and a wigless lady LOL.  Got knitting after deliberating over which sex I wanted it to be:

Then there's the fireplace!  Found it on eBay - just fell in love with it - and started construction today - here it is so far:

But wait! There's more!! I also have some furniture kits !!  Making this one.. still need to clean up some bits here and there as you can see - but it's well under way!

Back to work tomorrow - so progress will slow again, 2 days of work then 4 more days off YAY!!!

Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lost my mini mojo for a bit there :((

Haven't done anything really - attempted to make an armchair - it's still not finished.  Want to finish building my house so I can actually FINISH it completely. 
I had some surgery 2 weeks ago, perhaps it's about that, but it gave me the perfect opportunity to sit around and craft - and I achieved nothing!
Still watching everyone, still appreciating (and envying) everyones work!  MUST get back into it! Oh.. been ebaying again too LOL - not good!
I shall now attempt to be constructive.................

Monday, November 29, 2010

Learning to buy just anything

Firstly - I played lol - some of the beautiful food Kerry made for me put to use, still not really sure how I will have my kitchen yet - this was just a play ;-)

I went to a car boot sale on the weekend, with my house in mind.  Didn't find a lot.. but DID find these coasters for $1 (there are actually 6)... oh the possibilities are endless!!!

Also got some materials for bedding and towels - some 'plant' type things, and some awesome beads which will make my Christmas tree perfect!!  Oh.. and have some Fimo coming :))

Lots of decorating for christmas to do - hoping to get a ton done in the next couple of weeks. Got to tame these fat fingers to do intricate work.. I have found some ideas that REALLY interest me so hoping to start trying a few things soon!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A little surprise :)

I have a very creative Sister-In-Law in Tasmania who was very interested in my little house.... Little did I know... she got very busy, and today I received a gorgeous surprise in the mail!!!

SIL enjoyed making these so much she is working on more!! Haha another mini addict ;-) I LOVE them!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Not joined to the house yet.. but I have been working on the front verandah today..

Major construction is happening

I have decided that with Christmas being only a matter of weeks away, I need to finish constructing my house and getting the decorations hung!
Made a Christmas tree and decorated it on Friday night - (pic coming) which I do love, however the pot I have it in is a little too big for my liking so am scouting around for a smaller one.  ATM I am working on the front of the house, and will start work on upstairs so I can get the roof on.  Painting of the roof won't happen till it's done as I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet.

I have 2 weeks off work from the end of next week because I have to have surgery so hope to get a lot more done while I'm home :)

Bought another house which I have huge plans for - while it was cheap to buy ($20 not the price shown) - the shipping has me in absolute shock - however the finished product will be worth every cent ;-)
I should ammend that - my son bought it for me for Christmas :)) The subject of this little gem will be worked around his hobbies and loves.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas is just around the corner.....

So.. my niece came to visit today - and presented me with some goodies for my house! LOVE them!!!

Tonight I started playing with the cutest wrapping paper!! Made some gifts.. bear in mind.. here in Aus.. our gifts may look different from what they do overseas..

And.. here is my son's gorgeous new pet Scarl:

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Night

Tonight has been dedicated to reading.. tips and tricks.. type of thing, and a bit of painting.  Then decided to do a thing or 2 with some beads.

Painting my front door - I got a new one on eBay but was dissappointed to find it was plastic :(( Anyway, it's a learning process hey.  It has 2 leadlight panels:

So.. to the beads, I have a huge collection - once decided it might be fun to make things... never got into it..

The bowl here and contents are all beads (yes bowl too).. sorry for the quality - am going to add some 'green' to it..

So then I found these (and a few more):

and came up with this?

Tomorrow will be learning about......

Friday, November 5, 2010

the WEEKEND is here!!

and progress is happening..
just made a blind for the study - my first attempt....

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kitchen work

Hmmm.. been a while since I've blogged hey ;-)  Did a little bit tonight - added some door knobs, wallpapered the kitchen and put the flooring in - and even put in the window.  Now to decide what I want to do with the room furniture wise.  Have a lot of different options thanks to impulse buying and so on hahaha!!
Also cut some timber for dado - somewhere.. might not use it - just experimenting!!

Here it is with the white furnishings...

****NEWS FLASH!!!****
I FOUND the rest of my floral wallpaper!!! It was in with some job applications of all places - WHY would I put it there?? Oh yes.. it's the obvious place.. duh!! Normally anything lost is in the fridge.  Must put this folder in my list of places to look in future.  Anyway - that room is now complete as well - just need to fit the door and my downstairs rooms are almost complete (apart from the front, cornice & skirting).

Cafe Curtains for the kitchen perhaps??

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moving in.. and UGH

So.. starting to move things in.. this is the junk room.. going to be the study.  See the TV? it works!! You can hook it up to the dvd player and play a movie on the tiny lcd screen - haven't tried it yet.. can't wait LOL

 The wallpaper is a tad dissappointing - although hung perfectly without a ripple - the overlap is thick.. doh!   It's really thick 'wedding craft' paper - and I have learned from it.  I have left gaps in the hope it's enough to put my skirting & cornice (fingers crossed) that will also house my wiring.  Window is now properly hung.. not sure if I will put the shutters or not.  I don't want the house to look 'too' much like the one I bought if that makes sense.  Anyway - here's some piccies LOL

Oh yes.. carpet too.. which was bought from The Doll House - which I visited last weekend!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I don't wanna bore people.. but I did do a little bit more?

A window.. and a door.. in the study... *well ok almost complete....

 And.. so tired.. I had to erect a bed in the living room :(.. Got to sleep somewhere right? ;-)

Some progress.. and continuing...

So... I started to wallpaper! Thinking it's a good thing I've done that IRL LOL - it's coming up ok.. however.. devastation struck!! I purchased this paper on eBay because I really loved it.. when I got it, of course, it wasn't enough to do the room, so had to order more.  Well the original - is in a 'safe' place.. and I can't find it!!!! So.. the job is only half done :(((

I have also started on the study.. although not impressed with my choice of paper so am considering doing it again with something else.  This paper is thicker - and was harder to lay.. :( OR I may choose to keep it imperfect, since the house isn't intended to be.
I will be putting skirting boards in which will enable lighting.. what I see as 'the easy way'

I have since cut out the window and the door in the other room.. tonight I will attach the study window, maybe.  Internal doors are still in the painting process :)
At least I finally got something done.  Also tonight I am attempting to make a lounge suite (sofa & armchairs)..
trial and error there!!

visited a doll house shop today - which gave me a bit more of an idea of the size of things - even though I have a lot of stuff already (and some I won't use lol) - I got to see lights, and how flowers and so on were made.. some great ideas! 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some work.. a KITCHEN!!!

I bought a kitchen on eBay.  It was really hard deciding what to do for a kitchen, as I wasn't sure if I wanted 'old' or new. Basing my house 'kind of' on my first home, I decided on a modern one and bought a complete kit on ebay - painted white.  UGH yuk!!! I don't mind white.. but not ALL white.

Scoured the net for a while on some white kitchen colour schemes and came up with maroon and black which looked really nice - so had a bit of a try at that.  Anyway here's the outcome 'so far'.  I'm thinking I might gloss the bench tops - will see in the morning. I also painted the door knobs.  The maroon is um.. sueded.. I guess? It isn't just plain maroon.  I like it anyway ....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

ooh a new resident?

LOL looking a bit daunted by all the mess.. ;-)


It's a start.. lol
took ages to get it perfect - was surprised! Won't do much more than this now till I get some decorating done as it'd be easier than doing it when the house is completely built.  Anyway nice day here - going outside, may paint the roof etc today :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Buying things.. no progress though :(

I really did have an ebay fest.. bigtime - a few weeks ago :( I should be ashamed.. I work at australia post, and it's kind of embarrassing to be getting SO many parcels!! Fun though ;-)

My tenant has moved out - so I am able to make more room in my house - thus really get on with things - looking forward to it!! Anyway here's some pics of a few things I have bought - yeh ok not in a house setting yet - but it's coming - VERY soon!!!

I have also bought some glasses, and some more furniture - the bed and lounge suite I think I will make myself, as I will my framed pictures - want them personal.  Not so good with the fiddly bits yet but I think with more time on my hands it will come :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

furniture kits

Oooh fun.. I bought some furniture kits on eBay - they're not quite finished - ie not quite got the woodgrain how I want them, but here they are:

Oh that's our new prime minister on the paper - LOL no doubt you've heard all about our hung parliament ;-)
anyway another pic

Anyway, I'm using Jo Sonja's Gloss varnish for these.. they aren't very glossy which is the look I want.  So far 2 coats.  For the one on the (now) left.. I'm going to put different door knobs.. just lost one and can't find it anywhere - didn't glue it in place properly! doh!! anyway it's kept me very busy with sanding and getting how I want.
Been very busy ebaying too *sigh* must stop that!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Purchases and no progress!

The weather has been dreadful - hoping for a beautiful day on Sunday so I can finally do some work on my house.  I've been so busy on eBay buying bits and pieces and it's all slowly arriving!  Being a postie - of course I HAD to have a mailbox and managed to find one of my favorite ones on eBay too - they're quick to deliver to and take A4 mail too!! Had to have it and it arrived today.  A couple more books came in too so will be very busy getting ideas from them!!

Something I'm very nervous about is when I get down to wiring - so far haven't really found any information that really spells it out clearly - although I hear there are some good youtube video's on it.

Being my first house, perhaps I'm biting off a little more than I can chew - but am in no rush to finish it till everything is perfectly how I want it - SOO want to do a good job!!

Anyway, hopefully some new pics this weekend, although I have a couple of social outings I have to attend, and all I want to do really is stay home and start decorating!!

If anyone reads this, how long did your first house take??

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still bad weather :(

Therefore no progress.  Went to a market today for a look around - thought I might find some nice things there.  Nothing really - got some craft materials that might be ok for creating some things, and found a lady who had a lot of doll house things.. most of it was awful.  I grabbed a mirror which i'm going to change.. and a broken egg lol - just fell in love with that - of course that has to go on the kitchen floor - and a copper bowl oh and some parequet flooring for my bathroom.  There was an old doll house there needing rescuing.. I left it.. didn't enquire.. and then thought about it as I walked around - by the time I went back it was gone - doh should have grabbed it! Hmm small steps, best finish the one I have first hey!

Decided after my dissappointment - that I'd go to spotlight - a craft/home furnishing store in Aus - managed to pick up some nice 'wallpaper' for my lounge room (maybe) a flower punch lol (want to try my hand at that), some wire (hmm) and oh a birds on branch with nest thing (hard to explain) which is actually a pendant - but will possibly put that on the wall of the house - again not sure but it's cute!

Going to stop spending now lol and start working on smaller things till I can get this place painted up and ready to put together!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cedar.. and stuff

I saw in a book that I can add character to my outside walls by using a darker stain and putting it in random places with a pointy stick.. then staining over it again.  Thought I might have a go at that this weekend 'weather permitting'.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Wow.. I want to present news... and there is none :( *sob*
been so busy at work!!! GRRRR

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fingers crossed

I bought a tool kit on eBay (I think I mentioned that before?) and had some doubts about if it would arrive here - they cost $70 - $80 here in Aus and I won it for $2... seems the guy has posted it today - wish I'd asked for it to be registered coz then I could track it - still - hoping it arrives here!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No progress, but......

I did purchase another book, from the book depository (thank you Mum!!) which arrived today!!  I don't know how much of a library I will end up with but when I embark on things, I like to do lots of research.  Also bought an ebook LOL
  Anyway - here's the book I got - of course only skimmed through it so far and have already got a few ideas out of it..

Something else that has me excited is my Mum.  Mum is great at doing 'small' work.  Currently she is tatting (something I've been tempted to try!), and Mum would love to make me some things for my house.  It'd be awesome to have her work in the house!! I know she shares my enthusiasm as she has already expressed an interest several times over the years in doll houses, and wow she has a beautiful collection of dolls too! This will be a lovely way to share my interest from afar with her :)

Work has been busy so haven't been able to get outside and work because I get out too late - and the weather is going to be awful for the next few days - wishing I had a garage so badly.. hmmm do I dare use the car port - maybe I should ;-)

Oh.. also bought on ebay some door handles and doorknocker - and the wiring stuff for my house so I can install wires before covering walls etc.. and.. purchased a doll house tool kit SOOO cheap from the UK.. but somehow doubting it will arrive :(( Fingers crossed!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Todays achievements :)

Oh sensational day here today.  Started off really cold and damp outside, so couldn't really 'do' anything till about midday - but have spent all afternoon out there.  Looking back, I couldn't figure out why it took so long!!
Firstly, I finished sanding between slats on the deck - then stained it - and went over the outter walls again...

My son thought it would be nice to add some nails to the decking - so I got a permanent marker and put dots where you might put nails - have to say - it does look nice!!
 Have varnished the front door (which is not supposed to look perfect..) and the decking - so it's looking nice :) Happy with the outcome. 

My windows and baloustrades are plastic, and thanks the the fabby group I have joined (link to the right) I decided to prime them and will paint them up.  My aim there is imperfection - which, to me, will look more authentic in the end.  My ex hubby and I weren't the best at renovations and building - nothing looked perfect - we tried hard, but in the end - the *I did it myself* look, I reallllly love!!  So.. going with that on here too ;-)

Not sure If I'll use shutters or not yet, but primed them as well.

It's still really cold here at night :( Nothing is perfectly dry so had to bring them in, room is a problem here, so brought them all in and have stacked them in order of dryness and priority.. between sheets of plastic protective sheets, hoping it wont' ruin anything!!!

 As you can see, my work bench 'inside' is tiny - it's right in front of the kitchen bench in our living room/dining area for now - I don't have a garage or shed to work in, sadly!! The bonus? The table sits over a heating vent! Will check everything tomorrow for progress - for some reason I don't want to go to work hahaha.. would much rather build my house.

Tomorrow things will slow down a little as I have some late days coming at work due to training.  Sad really - but, hoping to get some more priming done.  Bring on pay day - to get the paints for the trimmings etc so the house will really start to have a bit of character! I realised today, I need DOORKNOBS!! hahaha!! Oh and wiring for the lights.. have bought the power supply and such, but didn't deal with wiring to lights - must get onto that!

So far, this is the most fun I've had in years!! Loving the project!!! If there are no girls in my family who appreciate my work, it'll go to (eventually) my dear friend's daughter when I'm gone ;-)  Would be sad to do all this work for nothing!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I GOT THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!

Wow!! This book is SOOOO hard to buy!!! I borrowed it from the library and SOOO wanted it!! Prices ranged from about $21US on Amazon to about $600AUD anywhere else ... thought I'd never get one of my own! It's gold!

Anyway - here tis.. and I now own one thanks to Alibris UK - yes I paid a fortune for it but .. it's MINE LOL - I paid $60AUD for it (including postage).. which is still cheap in comparison to a ton of sites.. thank you Alibris!! Mwah!!

Why didn't I get it cheaper from Amazon? They wouldn't ship to Australia - have searched for 2 weeks!! (can you tell I'm happy?)

Had to add to it...

Sitting here idle - waiting for tomorrow so I can do some more work on my new home.  Hey... I can't afford to buy a house to LIVE in - therefore this will get a lot of love and imagination!
Wallpapers are hard to choose from - have scoured sites and not yet found something 'just right' even for my first room!! I do know I'd like to dado one room.  Anyway on impulse I did buy a couple of cheap items from eBay...

 I doubt I'll actually use them.. the tiny things are plastic and not very attractive but if I decide on a girls room could be handy - plus they could be painted I guess?  The dresser.. does show it's not the best quality IRL - looks good if you don't look too closely - although not perfect - or as intricate as i would like.  You get what you pay for ;-)  Cute all the same!!

I also looked at clays and the likes today - wouldn't mind making my own characters down the track! Small steps... didn't indulge!

My house STINKS right now - we're getting high on fumes !

It's a start :)

Ok here we go.. just moved here from another blog so will condense the start of it a bit.

I was searching for a miniature bottle - because I wanted to dress up a frame I had bought to put my brother and son in - that search led me to a new beginning - kind of...

When I was tiny - our neighbour built me the most exquiste doll house - I loved it and used it for years!!! Once I was too old for dolls, it was passed down to the girls next door - who decided it might be good for firewood - my house disintegrated, and I was devastated!!

Over the years I have collected various miniatures and my mum has always given me something tiny in my Christmas stocking - little things for me are just devine!!

So - in the search for this little bottle - I ended up spending over $400!!!

I bought this:
It's called 'homestead' and is made by Craftworks in Australia. Just a small beginning - but enough to keep me busy for a while to come. My house arrived last week and I procrastinated for a few days, fearing perhaps that I couldnt' do it LOL.

Today I headed to the hardware store to buy some stuff.. decided my home will be western red cedar, and haven't quite decided on roof colour or trimmings yet - possibly maroon and green.

Beautiful day so started staining!!

All outer walls have been stained, and the front door.. which I want to darken at some stage - not quite sure how to do that yet ;-)