Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kitchen work

Hmmm.. been a while since I've blogged hey ;-)  Did a little bit tonight - added some door knobs, wallpapered the kitchen and put the flooring in - and even put in the window.  Now to decide what I want to do with the room furniture wise.  Have a lot of different options thanks to impulse buying and so on hahaha!!
Also cut some timber for dado - somewhere.. might not use it - just experimenting!!

Here it is with the white furnishings...

****NEWS FLASH!!!****
I FOUND the rest of my floral wallpaper!!! It was in with some job applications of all places - WHY would I put it there?? Oh yes.. it's the obvious place.. duh!! Normally anything lost is in the fridge.  Must put this folder in my list of places to look in future.  Anyway - that room is now complete as well - just need to fit the door and my downstairs rooms are almost complete (apart from the front, cornice & skirting).

Cafe Curtains for the kitchen perhaps??

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moving in.. and UGH

So.. starting to move things in.. this is the junk room.. going to be the study.  See the TV? it works!! You can hook it up to the dvd player and play a movie on the tiny lcd screen - haven't tried it yet.. can't wait LOL

 The wallpaper is a tad dissappointing - although hung perfectly without a ripple - the overlap is thick.. doh!   It's really thick 'wedding craft' paper - and I have learned from it.  I have left gaps in the hope it's enough to put my skirting & cornice (fingers crossed) that will also house my wiring.  Window is now properly hung.. not sure if I will put the shutters or not.  I don't want the house to look 'too' much like the one I bought if that makes sense.  Anyway - here's some piccies LOL

Oh yes.. carpet too.. which was bought from The Doll House - which I visited last weekend!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I don't wanna bore people.. but I did do a little bit more?

A window.. and a door.. in the study... *well ok almost complete....

 And.. so tired.. I had to erect a bed in the living room :(.. Got to sleep somewhere right? ;-)

Some progress.. and continuing...

So... I started to wallpaper! Thinking it's a good thing I've done that IRL LOL - it's coming up ok.. however.. devastation struck!! I purchased this paper on eBay because I really loved it.. when I got it, of course, it wasn't enough to do the room, so had to order more.  Well the original - is in a 'safe' place.. and I can't find it!!!! So.. the job is only half done :(((

I have also started on the study.. although not impressed with my choice of paper so am considering doing it again with something else.  This paper is thicker - and was harder to lay.. :( OR I may choose to keep it imperfect, since the house isn't intended to be.
I will be putting skirting boards in which will enable lighting.. what I see as 'the easy way'

I have since cut out the window and the door in the other room.. tonight I will attach the study window, maybe.  Internal doors are still in the painting process :)
At least I finally got something done.  Also tonight I am attempting to make a lounge suite (sofa & armchairs)..
trial and error there!!

visited a doll house shop today - which gave me a bit more of an idea of the size of things - even though I have a lot of stuff already (and some I won't use lol) - I got to see lights, and how flowers and so on were made.. some great ideas! 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some work.. a KITCHEN!!!

I bought a kitchen on eBay.  It was really hard deciding what to do for a kitchen, as I wasn't sure if I wanted 'old' or new. Basing my house 'kind of' on my first home, I decided on a modern one and bought a complete kit on ebay - painted white.  UGH yuk!!! I don't mind white.. but not ALL white.

Scoured the net for a while on some white kitchen colour schemes and came up with maroon and black which looked really nice - so had a bit of a try at that.  Anyway here's the outcome 'so far'.  I'm thinking I might gloss the bench tops - will see in the morning. I also painted the door knobs.  The maroon is um.. sueded.. I guess? It isn't just plain maroon.  I like it anyway ....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

ooh a new resident?

LOL looking a bit daunted by all the mess.. ;-)


It's a start.. lol
took ages to get it perfect - was surprised! Won't do much more than this now till I get some decorating done as it'd be easier than doing it when the house is completely built.  Anyway nice day here - going outside, may paint the roof etc today :)