Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moving in.. and UGH

So.. starting to move things in.. this is the junk room.. going to be the study.  See the TV? it works!! You can hook it up to the dvd player and play a movie on the tiny lcd screen - haven't tried it yet.. can't wait LOL

 The wallpaper is a tad dissappointing - although hung perfectly without a ripple - the overlap is thick.. doh!   It's really thick 'wedding craft' paper - and I have learned from it.  I have left gaps in the hope it's enough to put my skirting & cornice (fingers crossed) that will also house my wiring.  Window is now properly hung.. not sure if I will put the shutters or not.  I don't want the house to look 'too' much like the one I bought if that makes sense.  Anyway - here's some piccies LOL

Oh yes.. carpet too.. which was bought from The Doll House - which I visited last weekend!

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