Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mini's on hold - to re-learn sewing!

My sewing machine is old, and very simple, so I decided to buy a new one! Managed to get a new machine from eBay (LOVE eBay) for half the shop price.  Lucky for me, a lady had received one as a gift and didn't want it, the box was unopened! It's a brother NX200QE - oh dear.. *quilters edition*

It has a few fancy stitches which I LOVE and have worked out how to use, but the *QE* bit in the name had me curious.  I tried quilting by hand many MANY years ago, have lost that project, but though, perhaps I could make a simple cot quilt..
So I bought this 'cheater panel' (I have since discovered this is what it's known as), batting, some backing and extra for a border - but I LIKE the border already around it! Oh well.. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet

I chose the cat & the fiddle, because I come from Tasmania and we have Cat & Fiddle Square in the heart of Hobart. Here's a Youtube link: Watch here

And here is baby Mia <3

While I'm doing this project.. my practice ones are in miniature - so.. stay tuned, I may have a thing or two to show in the next week.  Hope to have it done by the end of next week so I can go back to mini'ing!.