Saturday, June 18, 2011

A little bit done - long way to go!

I did a little bit of work today, I'm not very accurate as you will see.. got to steady those hands and make them work small!!! But.. for a first timer I'm happy enough so far.. I see the flaws and everyone else probably will too.. but if you don't look 'too' closely - it's ok!! the furnished room is merely a vision so far.. I need to do doors, complete windows, fit cornice & skirting. Be gentle with me - I'm a learner!

So here goes.. this will be the main lounge room (living room? IDK what its called overseas lol) anyway, that tv plugs into a dvd player - rather eccentric I know.. but a bit of fun ;-) It will play a movie!! My son bought it for me and I love it! The wallpaper came from Spotlight, was duel purpose, one side had the pattern, the other the brown which is mottled.  The trim is ribbon, also from Spotlight.  They really do have some awesome papers and they're a great fit for the dolls house! I have kind of designed this around my parents lounge room from years ago, although they didn't have the room wallpapered I don't think?  Their lounge suite was white, the table I made similar to dad's, as with the lamp on it (yet to be completed properly, mum tells me it's not quite right lol), Mum made that doiley.  The guy sitting there is pretty ugly.. I'm going to undress him (woohoo) and re'dress him in something *I* prefer! the carpet is similar to my parent's carpet, not quite the same.. but close.. now to find similar curtains!!

The room below is going to be the girls room.  I didn't get it exactly straight.. oh my!! However, I'll settle for it, I fought with it for ages and for some reason couldn't get it exact.. it was losing it's sticky!! The trim from Chickenfeed .  I could only get a couple, so I asked ever so nicely (!!) if my Sis-in-law could help me out.. and she came up with the goods!!! Ohhh you're a Godsend! Thank you Kez!  It is going further than just this room.. time will show!  That curtain is my first attempt of curtains from the book Dolls House Do It Yourself Curtains - I'm not sure if I'll use them, there is a pelmet to go with them and some tassles from a kit Kez sent me.  thinking they might be a little bit pale.. so not sure.  Will try them anyway!

I laid carpet in the master bedroom today too.  A bit of trimming there yet!! Carpet (as with the lounge room carpet) came from Spotlight yet again.  This room has a long way to go.. cornice, skirting, trim, doors, window finishing and so on.. at least I got something done :) The photo doesn't do the colour justice - it's actually perfect for the room with a tinge of purple in it or whatever that colour is on the dark wall.. it's lovely! Please excuse the mess throughout - I'm not very organised!! Nice to get a couple of things done, and will continue tomorrow, so hopefully a bit more to report.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bits & Pieces...

It's the Queen's birthday long weekend here and I was happy to be able to achieve a bit!  I can't show everything I've done, however, as my Sis-In-Law and I have a bit of a challenge happening!   None of this work can be displayed till the 1st September :)
Firstly... I found some food picks that I thought could be handy!! No.. I haven't used them yet, but I do have plans for them!

Also - I was elated to find some double sided sticky tape (cello tape?) here in aus.. I saw it on a Youtube Vid and thought it would be handy and had never heard of it!! Oh this stuff is GOLD!!!

Now down to 'some' of the work I've been doing.  Like I said.. doesn't look like much for 3 days work, but I can't show anything else yet!!!  I did buy a pretty pleater a while back, and bought a small one thinking, "I'm making mini's.. I need small" - only to realise once it arrived (from overseas - we can't get them here)... that it was too small for long curtains.. so I went the pin method::

It WAS looking good.. managed to get two done.. (of course - matching pair and all).. and I used steam from my iron.. then hairspray to finish them... they're a bit crooked looking - but hey this IS my first attempt :(
I will still use them - am going to make a pelmet to go over the top as well so it won't look quite so bad, they're going in my 'girls' room, which still has a little bit to go before completion.

I have tomorrow off too apart from an appointment in the city at 9am, so will attempt to apply some finishing touches and at least hang the curtains.. will see how the day goes.

Oh I wish I could post more pics of what has been happening hahahaha! The challenge will be fun ;-)

BTW.. click on my link on the word challenge at the top - and check out my SIL's work - she is amazing!! ;-)