Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm still here!

No mini stuff has been done.. 2 weeks till my first inspection at the new house, then I'm back into it!! As I may have mentioned, I'm also doing a photography course, which has taken up a fair bit of my time, but.. the biggest issue is.. I haven't set up my craft room yet!! There are reasons for this.. many - but it will all happen in due course - just hoping for some co-operation from the ex hubby - father of my children ;-)
Spring has sprung here in Australia, and we've had the most perfect weather! I took this pic after looking out my window while cooking dinner.. it was too good to miss - so jumped in the car and drove to the spot closest to the beach so I wouldn't miss it LOL
2 weeks.. and I'm back into it! I have a mystery box to do.. and need to get back into my pub!! :)

My link for photo's is:
please remember, I'm a beginner.. haha!