Saturday, February 18, 2012

Worth a try.. I think?

Just went grocery shopping.  When I get a weaker pay, I shop at aldi - as much as I love it, I don't like the way I have to go to get there (roadworks, driving further and having to turn back etc).  I DO love the savings, and I love their meat - it's fresher than where I normally go and always good.  Not to mention of course, it halves my shopping bill!! I had a lot of staples in my pantry, so didn't need a lot there, and the bathrooms are stocked.. so basically just needed meat & veggies and a few other bits & pieces.  My total shop today for a fortnight's food $146! Woohoo!!

I also found this toaster oven.. for $20!! It may be pathetic, or it may be ok.. but for $20 it's a bargain, cant' buy a 2nd hand one for that here!  I bought it solely for fimo - my oven has proven to be a failure, so at least I can try this.  I have seen some people on youtube use it successfully - fingers crossed :) Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon LOL

Monday, February 6, 2012


Yay, I made a book!! The last time I did it it was dreadful - scored way too heavily and ended up in all kinds of mess.. well this time it went more smoothly - however I could still refine the art a bit - to look closely, some probably wouldn't use this - but I will!

Lots of pages drying :)

This is a hard cover - was fun to make it!

Just another angle..

I also made some little handtowels.. they're glued folded - just a decorative touch :)

The dry sink - didn't come up as planned, I might be pulling it apart and starting over yet.. or just use it somewhere where it won't matter LOL. I managed to get the handles in - that was another fear conquered.. still trying to find a way to bend them down - or just leave them because I quite like them like that! Not finished & lacquered because it may be in pieces again soon ..

Back to it!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Grateful to the achilles... lol

A blessing in disguise, most of the time I like to be walking around - but at the moment I'm confined to rest and an elevated leg!! So.. what do we do? This...

I'm working on several projects since I still have 2 more days at home confined to nothingness.. the first one has been going since Friday night - sadly - it's ruggedly put together :( Oh well.. I can refine it.. should have done a bit of sanding to make it fit better.

Also conquering a couple of fears along the way - more tomorrow on that ;-)

Ok So Friday I started on the cold sink.. as you can see it's not perfect, but then again, nothing in MY house is either...

Also working on a bed.  Both of these, of course, are House of Miniatures products scored on eBay.  This one was one I was scared of because of having to use that dreaded drill to make little holes.  I drilled the holes.. then found they were too small for the string.. so had to redrill them.. lots of time and.. again.. imperfect (not perfectly aligned) - but I DID IT!!! 

Plus rounded a few edges.. the bed should be more complete tomorrow.. it's drying atm.. and not sure what I want it to look like when it's finished !

Am going to tackle this book tonight (light permitting) - one of my favorites as a child :)

That's it for now - more tomorrow as I relax while my colleagues work !

Readers choice awards::

Don't forget to nominate your favorite mini blog in the readers choice awards - found here!  I just made my nomination - so many awesome blogs to choose from and I didn't particularly 'like' having to pick just one! Anyway my decision is made, and it's a blog I recently started following - amazing work!!

Anyway just putting it out there so that everyone has an opportunity to nominate their favorite!

Back to mini'ing! I have a couple of days off.. maybe I can come up with a post soon ;-)