Sunday, February 5, 2012

Grateful to the achilles... lol

A blessing in disguise, most of the time I like to be walking around - but at the moment I'm confined to rest and an elevated leg!! So.. what do we do? This...

I'm working on several projects since I still have 2 more days at home confined to nothingness.. the first one has been going since Friday night - sadly - it's ruggedly put together :( Oh well.. I can refine it.. should have done a bit of sanding to make it fit better.

Also conquering a couple of fears along the way - more tomorrow on that ;-)

Ok So Friday I started on the cold sink.. as you can see it's not perfect, but then again, nothing in MY house is either...

Also working on a bed.  Both of these, of course, are House of Miniatures products scored on eBay.  This one was one I was scared of because of having to use that dreaded drill to make little holes.  I drilled the holes.. then found they were too small for the string.. so had to redrill them.. lots of time and.. again.. imperfect (not perfectly aligned) - but I DID IT!!! 

Plus rounded a few edges.. the bed should be more complete tomorrow.. it's drying atm.. and not sure what I want it to look like when it's finished !

Am going to tackle this book tonight (light permitting) - one of my favorites as a child :)

That's it for now - more tomorrow as I relax while my colleagues work !


  1. you have been busy ! sorry about your ankle but its given you a few days mini time :) use it fruitfully and get these completed ;) I have a HOM bed kit that I have been putting off attempting ...I seem to have collected quite a few beds LOL

  2. Beds.. ugh.. I have a shortage of them because I can't find what I like really - oh well plenty of time :)
    Back to it.. got to get this book cut out :) (the last book I made was a mess!)