Saturday, February 18, 2012

Worth a try.. I think?

Just went grocery shopping.  When I get a weaker pay, I shop at aldi - as much as I love it, I don't like the way I have to go to get there (roadworks, driving further and having to turn back etc).  I DO love the savings, and I love their meat - it's fresher than where I normally go and always good.  Not to mention of course, it halves my shopping bill!! I had a lot of staples in my pantry, so didn't need a lot there, and the bathrooms are stocked.. so basically just needed meat & veggies and a few other bits & pieces.  My total shop today for a fortnight's food $146! Woohoo!!

I also found this toaster oven.. for $20!! It may be pathetic, or it may be ok.. but for $20 it's a bargain, cant' buy a 2nd hand one for that here!  I bought it solely for fimo - my oven has proven to be a failure, so at least I can try this.  I have seen some people on youtube use it successfully - fingers crossed :) Guess what I'll be doing this afternoon LOL


  1. I also like Aldi, we have three stores here in Ballarat. Your toaster oven is a great bargain. I bought a s/h one a few years ago just for Fimo and it's fantastic, I've never had a disaster while using it and I can use mine in my craft room away from the house so if there's any fumes it's not inside. Would love to see some of your Fimo items too.

  2. Hoping you had a successful afternoon playing with fimo :)

  3. A great purchase. I use my toaster oven for fimo baking only.