Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Buying things.. no progress though :(

I really did have an ebay fest.. bigtime - a few weeks ago :( I should be ashamed.. I work at australia post, and it's kind of embarrassing to be getting SO many parcels!! Fun though ;-)

My tenant has moved out - so I am able to make more room in my house - thus really get on with things - looking forward to it!! Anyway here's some pics of a few things I have bought - yeh ok not in a house setting yet - but it's coming - VERY soon!!!

I have also bought some glasses, and some more furniture - the bed and lounge suite I think I will make myself, as I will my framed pictures - want them personal.  Not so good with the fiddly bits yet but I think with more time on my hands it will come :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

furniture kits

Oooh fun.. I bought some furniture kits on eBay - they're not quite finished - ie not quite got the woodgrain how I want them, but here they are:

Oh that's our new prime minister on the paper - LOL no doubt you've heard all about our hung parliament ;-)
anyway another pic

Anyway, I'm using Jo Sonja's Gloss varnish for these.. they aren't very glossy which is the look I want.  So far 2 coats.  For the one on the (now) left.. I'm going to put different door knobs.. just lost one and can't find it anywhere - didn't glue it in place properly! doh!! anyway it's kept me very busy with sanding and getting how I want.
Been very busy ebaying too *sigh* must stop that!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Purchases and no progress!

The weather has been dreadful - hoping for a beautiful day on Sunday so I can finally do some work on my house.  I've been so busy on eBay buying bits and pieces and it's all slowly arriving!  Being a postie - of course I HAD to have a mailbox and managed to find one of my favorite ones on eBay too - they're quick to deliver to and take A4 mail too!! Had to have it and it arrived today.  A couple more books came in too so will be very busy getting ideas from them!!

Something I'm very nervous about is when I get down to wiring - so far haven't really found any information that really spells it out clearly - although I hear there are some good youtube video's on it.

Being my first house, perhaps I'm biting off a little more than I can chew - but am in no rush to finish it till everything is perfectly how I want it - SOO want to do a good job!!

Anyway, hopefully some new pics this weekend, although I have a couple of social outings I have to attend, and all I want to do really is stay home and start decorating!!

If anyone reads this, how long did your first house take??

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still bad weather :(

Therefore no progress.  Went to a market today for a look around - thought I might find some nice things there.  Nothing really - got some craft materials that might be ok for creating some things, and found a lady who had a lot of doll house things.. most of it was awful.  I grabbed a mirror which i'm going to change.. and a broken egg lol - just fell in love with that - of course that has to go on the kitchen floor - and a copper bowl oh and some parequet flooring for my bathroom.  There was an old doll house there needing rescuing.. I left it.. didn't enquire.. and then thought about it as I walked around - by the time I went back it was gone - doh should have grabbed it! Hmm small steps, best finish the one I have first hey!

Decided after my dissappointment - that I'd go to spotlight - a craft/home furnishing store in Aus - managed to pick up some nice 'wallpaper' for my lounge room (maybe) a flower punch lol (want to try my hand at that), some wire (hmm) and oh a birds on branch with nest thing (hard to explain) which is actually a pendant - but will possibly put that on the wall of the house - again not sure but it's cute!

Going to stop spending now lol and start working on smaller things till I can get this place painted up and ready to put together!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cedar.. and stuff

I saw in a book that I can add character to my outside walls by using a darker stain and putting it in random places with a pointy stick.. then staining over it again.  Thought I might have a go at that this weekend 'weather permitting'.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Wow.. I want to present news... and there is none :( *sob*
been so busy at work!!! GRRRR

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fingers crossed

I bought a tool kit on eBay (I think I mentioned that before?) and had some doubts about if it would arrive here - they cost $70 - $80 here in Aus and I won it for $2... seems the guy has posted it today - wish I'd asked for it to be registered coz then I could track it - still - hoping it arrives here!