Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still bad weather :(

Therefore no progress.  Went to a market today for a look around - thought I might find some nice things there.  Nothing really - got some craft materials that might be ok for creating some things, and found a lady who had a lot of doll house things.. most of it was awful.  I grabbed a mirror which i'm going to change.. and a broken egg lol - just fell in love with that - of course that has to go on the kitchen floor - and a copper bowl oh and some parequet flooring for my bathroom.  There was an old doll house there needing rescuing.. I left it.. didn't enquire.. and then thought about it as I walked around - by the time I went back it was gone - doh should have grabbed it! Hmm small steps, best finish the one I have first hey!

Decided after my dissappointment - that I'd go to spotlight - a craft/home furnishing store in Aus - managed to pick up some nice 'wallpaper' for my lounge room (maybe) a flower punch lol (want to try my hand at that), some wire (hmm) and oh a birds on branch with nest thing (hard to explain) which is actually a pendant - but will possibly put that on the wall of the house - again not sure but it's cute!

Going to stop spending now lol and start working on smaller things till I can get this place painted up and ready to put together!

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