Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Sunday - oh dear LOL

Not a lot has been done on minis so far this weekend.  I'm about to start now and it's almost 2pm :( shame.. but my house was in such a mess I HAD to do something about it before I could really 'feel' like crafting.  Am I the only one who feels like this? Knows there are chores.. and can't do anything else (in fact I procrastinate) until the needed jobs are done?

But boy have I been spending up LOL Not only did I buy a new computer chair.. lashed out and got one I REALLY wanted (and subsequently fell asleep in it on the first sitting - *bliss*) but also bought myself a few other treats.  Not so sure about one.. we'll get to that...

Something nice to start with - this is the view on my way home.  I live pretty much straight ahead (across the water) - about 2 mins by car from the beach.  Beautiful!! Summer is coming!!

So.. down to spending.. firstly I bought a new book.. and a Dremel Trio!
I'm thinking the trio will be VERY VERY useful for one of my new projects.. (ugh the sideways blog bug strikes again!)

And a $0.99c bargain on ebay.. or is it.. hmmm...
Not so sure if I can do this one.. perhaps I can.. maybe not.  The lady selling it 'didn't have time for the hobby any more (stay tuned, there's another coming up).. doesn't look like anything has been done on this in years LOL.  It's chipboard.. ugh - and has been wet so many parts are swollen.  I'd have to replace the front doors, adjust hinges and so on.  I wasn't sure of the scale - it's 1:24.  
So.. was going to throw it out (for 99c why not..) BUT.. I accidentally bought some brass furniture in 1:24.. so why not use it! 

The 1:24 furniture: came a while ago.. now I have somewhere to put it! OH YES blog bug - lets show this one upside down!! (I DID make sure before I uploaded all these images that they were the right way up btw..)

So.. while I was picking up the above little wreck of a home.. she showed me the other house.. and yes.. I won that too (WHERE am I going to PUT these places??)
$25.. rather appealing little place, I have something in mind for it.. ONE day.. *sigh*

Got my printer working, so printed out some pages of stuff from Jennifers printables, which I'll go and work on now :) 
Simple but fulfilling! Nice to have my printer up and running! (OMG Sideways yet again?)

A few more hours left in the day.. dinner, bed.. then back to work *sigh* This is my messy, crowded, tiny horrid office I share with .... my son LOL

That's it for now.  If I finish some of my printables stuff I'll post it maybe.. depends on how they come out!
Hope you're all enjoying the weekend.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bon bon progress

Wow!! I have been having a ball doing this little project!!  I'ts such a forgiving scale too LOL
I forgot to post what it's actually going to be.. a bon bon!

Here's my progress so far.  I need to work out how to get the lights working, and wrap it.  Wasn't sure how to decorate my tree but found some glitter glue that did the trick nicely :) I'm really pleased with it!

I got so hooked on 1:48 that I have purchased a ton of stuff to work on something else .. addictive!

Will post the entire thing once I get it all together, won't be today though, no idea how to get the lights working - it has 3 'downlights' in the ceiling - can't wait to see them  work!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A place for shoes....

So.. here's my version of the project today
And yes.. I need to do something with those ribbons in the lid lol.. thinking 'what' ;-)

Workshop day!!

Had fun at todays workshop - we had two special projects to work on.  I chose a shoe 'box'.. shown below.  I havent' finished it yet but it won't look like this LOL

It was also 'garage sale' day, so managed to find a couple of little things I wanted.. REALLY wanted some spindles.. and there were some.. but by the time I got within reach.. they'd all gone! Doh!

Oh.. below is actually 2 sets of shelving

And.. although I wasn't booked for the 'other' project, I couldn't resist buying the kit.. 1/48 here I come!
(still don't know how to fix that sideways pic.. it's ok on my pc... hmmm) this is done in a pringles tube!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Smelly ghoul..

I did a bit of work this weekend, some I can't show here as it's part of the mystery box challenge :( So.. what I'm showing doesn't look like a lot.  The first one was inspired by this video only I did it 'my way' LOL so it's very very different obviously - with a hint of the original in place.  Oh and I got some skeletons, one of which I had great pleasure in pulling apart LOL

And some things for the dressing table :

Hoping I can get a little bit of something done during the week, not promising to be an easy one work-wise though! Daylight savings is here - so who knows, I might feel like at least doing an hour or so here and there :)