Sunday, October 2, 2011

Smelly ghoul..

I did a bit of work this weekend, some I can't show here as it's part of the mystery box challenge :( So.. what I'm showing doesn't look like a lot.  The first one was inspired by this video only I did it 'my way' LOL so it's very very different obviously - with a hint of the original in place.  Oh and I got some skeletons, one of which I had great pleasure in pulling apart LOL

And some things for the dressing table :

Hoping I can get a little bit of something done during the week, not promising to be an easy one work-wise though! Daylight savings is here - so who knows, I might feel like at least doing an hour or so here and there :)


  1. I really love the perfume bottles, very elegant.
    The skeleton arrangement is ideal for Halloween and I love that you have created your own ideas from the video.

  2. The skeleton thingy turned out great! You did well on that!