Saturday, October 15, 2011

Workshop day!!

Had fun at todays workshop - we had two special projects to work on.  I chose a shoe 'box'.. shown below.  I havent' finished it yet but it won't look like this LOL

It was also 'garage sale' day, so managed to find a couple of little things I wanted.. REALLY wanted some spindles.. and there were some.. but by the time I got within reach.. they'd all gone! Doh!

Oh.. below is actually 2 sets of shelving

And.. although I wasn't booked for the 'other' project, I couldn't resist buying the kit.. 1/48 here I come!
(still don't know how to fix that sideways pic.. it's ok on my pc... hmmm) this is done in a pringles tube!


  1. wow the xmas display looks great fun ...hmmm pringles tube ....have you just given me an excuse to eat more lol. Cant wait to see your finished shoe box :)

  2. I love your shoe-box and the "pringles" display looks really interesting. I want to have a go at quarter scale but haven't found the courage to start. The shelves look great , can be put to good use and the little items are also lovely. You've done very well at the workshop day.

  3. 1/48 miniatures - can't imagine. But it sure is cute! I like the shoebox too and all the little things in it! :-)

  4. The Pringle tube display is very cute. The shoe box is wonderful.