Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mystery Box Challenge - Reveal day!!

Well finally.. I can show some of the other things I've been working on.  Now I look at it all it doesn't seem like much but.. here it is.  A few months ago I sent my sis-in-law a box full of junk.. I had the same things here, and attached a note offering the challenge of making things out of them.  It's been a lot of fun! A few things.. ie the cake stands.. I had trouble thinking of anything - anyway here's the end result of my part:

The first thing I did was make some kitchen cafe curtains: Yes.. I know.. I haven't finished the curtain rods *sigh* oops.. but the rods weren't part of the challenge ;-) just the material.

Next bit of work was inspired by a tablecloth my brother made for mum when he was quite young, it's supposed to go on something I made later.. but couldn't find it to put it on there! Doh!!

Then there was dowel.. I used the largest ones to make an armchair.. the leather came from a brilliant idea from my son - he said why not make it leather.. not got any - oh yes I did.. some computer chairs that were ready for the tip - so out I went with my knife!! Lesson here, as you'll see.. very hard to make it and get things to sit right - the leather was too thick - so although not happy with it entirely (and there is still glue in places I need to remove) I did persist..

The little tables are small cake stands - also part of the challenge.
Cushion made by Kez :)

The small cake stand..

Speaking of cake stands.. I went short and simple - really struggled with them.. although I have some left and do intend making some bathroom furnishings eventually with them. This one is a light LOL my son is going to put the electricals into it so it will light up.  Found the alien head in an old toy box we had here LOL - the light bulb will actually fit inside the head so it'll look quite cool when he does it!

And of course, the trusty plant stand....

More dowel.. this one is thin - made a couple of things:

A stack of wood for beside my fireplace:

and a little table that the red tablecoth will go on, but had to make something quick to display it LOL.  The table top is made from icy pole sticks and it looks just fine without anything on it too.   A little wobbly, got to remove one foot and redo it.  Simple but sweet, I'm happy with it.

Wasn't part of the challenge, and I posted it earlier but thought I'd stick it in here anyway - for the sewing room.

This.. I was absolutely stumped, was going to make a gorgeous ornamental thing I saw on the net.. but realised it was glass... so had no idea how to cut it!!! So.. I figured.. hey.. I could stir paint with it? It'd wipe clean easily etc... I really attached the handle for a bit of a joke - it won't work with that handle because it's just stuck on with tape.  Ugh!!

I hope I remembered to use everything!! If not - they mysteriously dissappeared from my mystery box.. now I can start on the next one - which I received last week in the mail::

To see what Kez did with the mystery box - click here: Wee Wonder

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mini Workshop :)

Only made one thing today, but did bring home the kits for everything else, the theme was fishing! I LOVE fishing!! Anyway made this fishing bag.. I need to redo the corners, wasn't too happy with them as it was hard to get them to actually stay in the right place! Fun though!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Has anyone had these?

I found these on ebay and decided to bid on them.  Missed a couple of auctions so ended up with 50 at about $1 each - they sold for $10.95 (aud) each back then. I figured they'd be a good learning process for me, not to mention give me some light timber to work with and build my library a bit.  They arrived today - so funny - in a 'lettuce' box with "keep refrigerated 3-5 c on it.. my son picked it up and rang me quite frantic.. it wouldn't fit in the fridge!! Hahaha!!! Anyway, I guess it'll keep me busy for a while.. these came out around 1997.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Strange things?

I had to get rid of an old toy box of things.. well.. couldn't do it without looking at almost EVERYTHING before tossing it.. found some mighty max toys, a polly pocket, cute little soccer ball.. suitcase and cars.. which are kind of big but still.. my kids had tonka toys that were big? The chair came from an op shop - it's resin and would look great in a kids room since it's kind of small :) Oooh how cute is that mask!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ok here goes.. lots of random stuff...

Ok, to start with, couldn't resist taking this pic! My house is just around the corner, LOVE a double rainbow!

So.. down to the nitty gritty - firstly I was telling Kez how messy I am.. I guess photo's tell all.. this was my current state today.. I HAVE cleaned up a bit now.. Dining room table, fold table, kitchen bench.. oops?? It's a very organised mess.. really!

The next pic is a bit of a no-no.. but hey.. it was a scrap and isn't part of my mystery box challenge LOL but I was experimenting with the humble toothpick!

Some goodies arrived today - 2 bathrooms.. I like them!

Because I complained about the cost of postage, she gave me a free cake.. hmm it's bright!

Some stuff I bought - tiny pegs in 2 sizes - SO handy for gluing and holding stuff in place! And other bits & pieces..

The jars.. they're kinda big as you can see.. but could be handy? All these little bits I have bought were $2 

Card pieces.. various sizes, and on the right - waxed cord.. handy!!

Just a thought, might be handy? This was $4 LOL

A little something I made today - got the idea from Garden of Imagination on Youtube 

I have made a few other things, but can't show them on here yet.. hehe!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Now I lay me down to sleep...

For my master bedroom.  I am still thinking of what kind of bed cover I want.. kind of have an idea.. whether I can do it or not though is another matter.  anyway the sheets are done and the darker pic is taken in the room it's going in, shame about the darkness it doesn't show the colours well!  Oooh looks like I made the bed a bit messy too - yes fixable it's just scrunched up how I placed the mattress in there. Lots of learning.. would do things a wee bit differently next time but very pleased with it!

The little doll came in a pack of 4 from a $2 shop.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Interlude.. battery lights!! Beautiful!!

I decided to bite the bullet and purchase some battery operated lighting with some money my parents gave me for my birthday (to spend on minis!) - they arrived today  - oh wow!!!! They're just gorgeous!!! There is a repeat of one photo to show other colours - the lamp flashes different colours and is the prettiest thing!!! Very happy! These are available from here: Manhattan Dollhouse

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mystery challenge.. hehe

As some of you know - Kez and I have a little Mystery Box challenge happening, where I had an assortment of things in a box.. divided it in two and sent Kez half.. we are to make things out of these bits & pieces... so today - I have been working on one of those items.. I can't say too much at this stage, but CAN say.. I was working on dowel.. how many pieces, and what sizes, I'm not letting on!!

I bought some Little House of Miniatures kits on eBay - what a bargain! They arrived today - lots of work to do on a rainy day ;-) Postage was about the same as the winning bid price - so all in all I think I did well.  Love these kits, they're teaching me a lot, and fun to do.
That's it for today! Tomorrow I will finish the mystery item, can't post that till September! Am also working on another one, and will do something postable in the next day or two.