Monday, August 8, 2011

Now I lay me down to sleep...

For my master bedroom.  I am still thinking of what kind of bed cover I want.. kind of have an idea.. whether I can do it or not though is another matter.  anyway the sheets are done and the darker pic is taken in the room it's going in, shame about the darkness it doesn't show the colours well!  Oooh looks like I made the bed a bit messy too - yes fixable it's just scrunched up how I placed the mattress in there. Lots of learning.. would do things a wee bit differently next time but very pleased with it!

The little doll came in a pack of 4 from a $2 shop.


  1. Nice work ,love the colour goes well with the wall and the little doll is cute too nice that she matches.

  2. Que precioso juego de cama, me encanta el color.
    besitos ascension