Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ok here goes.. lots of random stuff...

Ok, to start with, couldn't resist taking this pic! My house is just around the corner, LOVE a double rainbow!

So.. down to the nitty gritty - firstly I was telling Kez how messy I am.. I guess photo's tell all.. this was my current state today.. I HAVE cleaned up a bit now.. Dining room table, fold table, kitchen bench.. oops?? It's a very organised mess.. really!

The next pic is a bit of a no-no.. but hey.. it was a scrap and isn't part of my mystery box challenge LOL but I was experimenting with the humble toothpick!

Some goodies arrived today - 2 bathrooms.. I like them!

Because I complained about the cost of postage, she gave me a free cake.. hmm it's bright!

Some stuff I bought - tiny pegs in 2 sizes - SO handy for gluing and holding stuff in place! And other bits & pieces..

The jars.. they're kinda big as you can see.. but could be handy? All these little bits I have bought were $2 

Card pieces.. various sizes, and on the right - waxed cord.. handy!!

Just a thought, might be handy? This was $4 LOL

A little something I made today - got the idea from Garden of Imagination on Youtube 

I have made a few other things, but can't show them on here yet.. hehe!!!!


  1. un día de lo más completo!

  2. Its not that messy ;) I love the lamp it worked out fantastic I bet you are realy pleased with it :)

  3. They're 1:12 Sandi (hmm your comment doesn't show again? wierd isn't it). My workspace is anywhere flat in my house at the moment, I don't have a room set up yet haha, trying! Way too many bits & pieces, but.. you just never know when they could be needed for something. It'll be fun if I have to move house :/