Sunday, July 31, 2011

Picture this..

Today I moved a lot of stuff into my new cabinet.. still a way to go there, lots to sort and label :(( Such a mess in my secret hideaway it's hard to know where to begin!!! Anyway I gave up on that after a little while and decided to create something.. had a big project in mind but found something I'd forgotten I had bought, so did something with that.. and so it went on... with other things I found.. LOL

Some framed pictures!!!

I found this in spotlight and with some tiny mirror tiles, filled it with pics.  As you can see I did wreck one mirror, but in reality - in the old days what mirrors are perfect? Then again, in the old days, who would have a photo display like this anyway? The bottom right pic looks a bit too 'drawn' for my liking but it's all I had at the time LOL - replaceable!!

And the others, a couple I did a while back.. the standing one really is too thick for 1/12 but hey.. it was free from a christmas cracker LOL.. probably won't use it!

I have 2 more frames to fill.. not sure where or how I want to use them yet :)

It's just so nice to know I don't have to pack up my mess for a couple of weeks!!! Anyway, off to work on something more substantial! :))

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Awesome day!!

The workshop was fantastic! I didn't expect so many people there, so busy! The ladies were so nice and welcoming too!! I didn't know how the days worked but put my tool kit and other bits on a space on a table and wandered around for a bit of a look to see what goes... Lots of long long tables covered in plastic.. a few piles of things here and there, and people everywhere!  Up the other end of the room was coffee making facility, and a bit of a 'show room' where I got to see what we will be doing at the end of the month, and a few other things on display.  Only took one photo of that, this lady worked the room around the dragon in it! Also met the lady who made the dragon - and watched her working on one for a while.  Beautiful!!

There were 4 projects today, I only completed one!!! Worked on this till lunch time and did commence making a book but messed it up (scored too hard LOL) so the lady gave me another book to work on at home.  I also bought a few more kits, some for Kez too (will pop them in the mail Monday).  Another person was showing how to make wooden toys for the nursery - they were gorgeous so grabbed a kit for myself and one for Kez ;-) It's lovely to see people's imagination emerge, everyone had a slightly different version of things!  One of the workshops was in 1:24 scale and I didn't bother with any kits or anything for that just yet.. let me get used to 1:12 first!
So.. I made this chair (below) and foot stool.  It's made from the centre of toilet rolls so really anyone can do them.  I have seen this on the internet somewhere.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out, others were too which was pretty flattering haha!! Not that hard to make, just time consuming - and interesting to see how others do things so picked up a few hints and tips along the way.
Can't wait for the next workshop - another thing I got out of it was the sheer joy of being somewhere without men! (oh there was ONE there but he wasn't working on things, just visiting but he does wood turning in miniature).  Working with mostly men, and having 2 young men at home, it was a really refreshing change to be sitting with a bunch of women!! Loved it!

On leave!!! WOOHOO!!

2 weeks off work - yay!! I HOPE to be constructive!! So.. my first day has started with a 3.30am rise - not sure what that's about!
Sis-in-law Kez bought a storage cabinet a while back.. my room is in such a mess I decided to follow that trend and get one too.  Not moved into it yet, but cant' wait to make sense of all this stuff I have accumulated.
Going to the VAME workshop today and really excited about it!
More later when I have stories to tell about my first workshop and meeting all these wonderful ladies!

Friday, July 22, 2011

New followers & my coming weekend!

Welcome to my new followers - it's lovely to see people tapping in to my posts even if I'm new to all of this!

I HAD posted that I was going to a workshop today - oops!! It's next week, which I didn't discover till I got there and couldn't find anyone!! Rang my son who checked the sheet.. doh!!! Oh well, can knuckle down and complete something here at home :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've been working on one of the kits from the VAME show.  here's the result.  Not so happy with my gardening tools but can reshape them when i have more time to make them a bit better (ugh the fork looks dreadful!) Anyway I do love the little bag..the apron was really stiff LOL so I scrunched it up a little for the pic.. will probably scrunch it up more - my aprons are never starched!  Just to prove I did 'something' I'm posting the pics although not entirely happy with the outcome yet LOL - a few final touches & tweaking will complete the picture.
I did change a couple of things from the kit too, to make life a little easier for me ;-)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

VAME show in Aus..

So.. been there - oh wowww!!! Never been to a doll house/mini show before and it just blew my mind.  Out the front was a sign asking for no photo's to be taken without the consent of the member.. went in.. paid, and went straight to the membership counter.  Yes, now a proud member of VAME - which will give me exposure to workshops, and of course, meet like-minded people!!  The people I met were amazing and SO welcoming - I was a tad overwhelmed to be honest - it is SO easy to talk to people who share the same love!

The show was amazing - had to line up to get in the door which was a surprise to me - I didn't expect so many people!! Was welcomed with open arms as they knew I was signing up to become 'one of them' haha!! I met so many terrific artisians - people I have shopped from often on eBay, and some who's work I have admired from afar.  These people were from all over Aus - much larger event that I had thought it would be!  Went armed with cash - oh wow that goes quickly LOL - I did do the rounds before making any decisions though - only one impulse buy.. oops!!! Some pics : I didn't take many as it was SOOO crowded - sorry :((

 This gentleman does fret work - amazing what he creates!

A gypsy Caravan

Oops, tis came out terribly - such beautiful work in it though!!

Some stuff I bought..

Close-up, the guy who makes these does it purely for love.  He doesn't sell them on the internet - not in it for money - purely for enjoyment - they're just gorgeous (got 2 different ones for you Kez)

Wooden planters? They're so cute lol, the mouse I just couldn't walk away from, and that doll is fimo - isn't she the cutest?

One of the kits I bought (there is one for you Kez.. lol) the two on the top right and the washboard were from a lucky dip - and some pewter things.. gosh I could have bought ALL the pewter - sensational!

Book & Trinket box...

My big spend.. always wanted one - too hard to walk away.. the Heidi Ott Train Set - just gorgous!!

LOL some business cards

Oh and some windows - so
And just for you Kez... Lesley LOLshe didn't stop knitting!! Amazing work - she is the queen of thread!!

I did buy a couple of other things, another 'kit' for Kez.. (and one for me lol) and a deck chair for my front deck of the homestead.  Met the guy who makes the homestead, and another man who makes a few other doll houses.  They are SOO passionate.  I was amazed to see people of all ages spending up, but possibly more amazed at just how lovely most of them were.  My biggest dissappointment came with 2 stalls, who charged like wounded bulls, and were pretty conceited.. gosh - it's a hobby isn't it? Lighten up ;-)

All in all a good day.. just had to escape because I was sweating like a pig, and the crowd was huge and pushy - plus I'd spent too much already LOL

I really look forward to my first workshop weekend!!

A couple of aussie links: 

This... marks the end of my post - unless you want me to rattle on forever - which I really could!! Fantastic day!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tiny Post!

I've been working on things this weekend but really have nothing to show for it - nothing is really ready including the chairs below.. which are still drying and the cushions aren't attached yet LOL - they won't be quite so shiny which is the look I wanted.

I wanted to at least post something though.  The stamp album - how cute is that! My sis-in-law sent me some little things.. the others I haven't taken pics of yet, will show them in 'their place' when the time comes. 
The chairs are house of miniatures, just changed the fabric so it will go better in the room they're going in :)

Going to a doll house show next weekend and can't wait!!