Saturday, July 9, 2011

VAME show in Aus..

So.. been there - oh wowww!!! Never been to a doll house/mini show before and it just blew my mind.  Out the front was a sign asking for no photo's to be taken without the consent of the member.. went in.. paid, and went straight to the membership counter.  Yes, now a proud member of VAME - which will give me exposure to workshops, and of course, meet like-minded people!!  The people I met were amazing and SO welcoming - I was a tad overwhelmed to be honest - it is SO easy to talk to people who share the same love!

The show was amazing - had to line up to get in the door which was a surprise to me - I didn't expect so many people!! Was welcomed with open arms as they knew I was signing up to become 'one of them' haha!! I met so many terrific artisians - people I have shopped from often on eBay, and some who's work I have admired from afar.  These people were from all over Aus - much larger event that I had thought it would be!  Went armed with cash - oh wow that goes quickly LOL - I did do the rounds before making any decisions though - only one impulse buy.. oops!!! Some pics : I didn't take many as it was SOOO crowded - sorry :((

 This gentleman does fret work - amazing what he creates!

A gypsy Caravan

Oops, tis came out terribly - such beautiful work in it though!!

Some stuff I bought..

Close-up, the guy who makes these does it purely for love.  He doesn't sell them on the internet - not in it for money - purely for enjoyment - they're just gorgeous (got 2 different ones for you Kez)

Wooden planters? They're so cute lol, the mouse I just couldn't walk away from, and that doll is fimo - isn't she the cutest?

One of the kits I bought (there is one for you Kez.. lol) the two on the top right and the washboard were from a lucky dip - and some pewter things.. gosh I could have bought ALL the pewter - sensational!

Book & Trinket box...

My big spend.. always wanted one - too hard to walk away.. the Heidi Ott Train Set - just gorgous!!

LOL some business cards

Oh and some windows - so
And just for you Kez... Lesley LOLshe didn't stop knitting!! Amazing work - she is the queen of thread!!

I did buy a couple of other things, another 'kit' for Kez.. (and one for me lol) and a deck chair for my front deck of the homestead.  Met the guy who makes the homestead, and another man who makes a few other doll houses.  They are SOO passionate.  I was amazed to see people of all ages spending up, but possibly more amazed at just how lovely most of them were.  My biggest dissappointment came with 2 stalls, who charged like wounded bulls, and were pretty conceited.. gosh - it's a hobby isn't it? Lighten up ;-)

All in all a good day.. just had to escape because I was sweating like a pig, and the crowd was huge and pushy - plus I'd spent too much already LOL

I really look forward to my first workshop weekend!!

A couple of aussie links: 

This... marks the end of my post - unless you want me to rattle on forever - which I really could!! Fantastic day!!


  1. Wow glad you had such a great day :) The train set is gorgeous I wouldnt have been able to resist it either ;) By the sounds of things I got spoiled as much as you! I look forward to hearing about the workshop :)

  2. Unas compras muy bonitas ¡pero ese tren es maravilloso!!!!. Un saludo, Eva