Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've been working on one of the kits from the VAME show.  here's the result.  Not so happy with my gardening tools but can reshape them when i have more time to make them a bit better (ugh the fork looks dreadful!) Anyway I do love the little bag..the apron was really stiff LOL so I scrunched it up a little for the pic.. will probably scrunch it up more - my aprons are never starched!  Just to prove I did 'something' I'm posting the pics although not entirely happy with the outcome yet LOL - a few final touches & tweaking will complete the picture.
I did change a couple of things from the kit too, to make life a little easier for me ;-)


  1. They look great but I never starch aprons either ;) The fork just needs a little shaping on the stop being so hard on yourself :)

  2. ooooooo cuteness!!! :D Linda x