Sunday, July 31, 2011

Picture this..

Today I moved a lot of stuff into my new cabinet.. still a way to go there, lots to sort and label :(( Such a mess in my secret hideaway it's hard to know where to begin!!! Anyway I gave up on that after a little while and decided to create something.. had a big project in mind but found something I'd forgotten I had bought, so did something with that.. and so it went on... with other things I found.. LOL

Some framed pictures!!!

I found this in spotlight and with some tiny mirror tiles, filled it with pics.  As you can see I did wreck one mirror, but in reality - in the old days what mirrors are perfect? Then again, in the old days, who would have a photo display like this anyway? The bottom right pic looks a bit too 'drawn' for my liking but it's all I had at the time LOL - replaceable!!

And the others, a couple I did a while back.. the standing one really is too thick for 1/12 but hey.. it was free from a christmas cracker LOL.. probably won't use it!

I have 2 more frames to fill.. not sure where or how I want to use them yet :)

It's just so nice to know I don't have to pack up my mess for a couple of weeks!!! Anyway, off to work on something more substantial! :))

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  1. Loving the idea of mixing the mirrors and the pictures looks great...I have one of those in one of my bead boxes somewhere ;) not sure how I will use mine yet