Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Back to work :(

Back at work, and the building is not complete.. however a nice little package arrived from England today :) I have only displayed 'some' of the items.. love them!! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Roof & Ceiling

Last night and today I prepared the roof & celing.  Lots of drying time, still not finished with the timber bits, just took some photo's to record where I'm up to :) Not long to go now till I have a complete building - finishing touches/cleanups oh and some windows and a door LOL

Love timber ceilings :) 

Friday, November 16, 2012


My brother suggested nailing the decking LOL - not a bad idea in fact!! So I did!! I used normal sewing pins.. hammered them in a bit, cut them off and hammered them in some more.  I like the effect!

Looking good so far :) Still not finished.. but wow!! Thanks Col! xx
Well worth the effort!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cardboard & Spray paint :)

Managed to get the place together a little more.. it's still only 3pm :) woohoo!! Going to get SOO much done!

Spray paint :) LOVE it!!

Roof.. so far.. it won't go on till the place is finished.. and SO much to do to it ;-)

Possibly got wayyyy too much corrigated cardboard - but I do have another project requiring it :) 

Not finished.. but looking good! Cans of dog food holding down icy pole sticks too LOL Daunting job.. but hey.. it's going to be worth it! The deadline for me is getting nearer.. 2 more working days off.. then the weekend.  REALLY want to get this done! 
Back to it!!

Things ARE happening..

I am at the stage now where I have NO idea what I'm doing LOL.. popsicle sticks (aka icy pole sticks - whatever you want to call them) are going to be used for the decking outside.  I don't have a door to fit this doorway.. have to adapt something.  Some paint touch-ups needed here and there.  But I DO see this looking how I had pictured.. eventually..

Posts.. just the beginning..

Skirting.. oh yes mastered the mitre box ;-) LOL The floor isn't quite finished.. just working out how to fix what I don't like about it..

Today I'm working on completing the roofing.. lots of painting, sanding, cussing haha! Hope it works out ok. Grateful for the gorgeous weather we're having!
More to follow, hopefully tonight :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Guild wars 2 - Geeks love mini's too!

I play Guild wars 2 - recently they had a diorama contest - you can click on the entrants to see their work (the honourable mentions below the winning pics) - some awesome stuff there! Check them out :)

Guild Wars 2 Diorama contest

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Floors :)

Dremel - the dream tools :) Always a must in mini work hey ;-) I have spent up biggly on Dremel tools - finally I get to use them a bit - here's a small part of my dream ownership lol

Have had this glass coat for years.. thought I might put it to work.. no idea what the outcome will be but..

I have used it to coat my floor, which I have since 'distressed' a little and sanded etc.. it's looking great! 24hrs till dry time - covered it to stop dust :)

The next thing is the icy-pole sticks (or popsicle sticks as others call them).. dremel to work on these! Going to be a long haul.. 

Which means I need more of my favorite soft drink LOL (oh yes that's my year)

I found some empty space!! Woohoo!

Oh and.. putting my kliovance container into action :P (pre floor finish)

Money.. spending lots of it! It's worth it.. best entertainment I've had in ages!!

Back to it! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumping out the posts to keep them a bit shorter...

Firstly bricks... just added some furniture for the effect ;-) Kez bought this bar for me for my birthday - can't wait to use it!!  The maid is preparing the floor for me :)

I bought these a LONG long time ago, got them from England LOL Didn't realise I can actually get them in Aus too! Go see Tombthumbs! I love this store :)

Laying these with Tacky glue, and using a black chalk to dust over it & rubbing it in.. liking the effect so far!

It's Melbourne Cup day!! haha - what better way to display scale while things dry :)

Still working.. nice to see my plans coming together!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Wet Monday!

A little bit of progress, not lots because it was raining on and off today so I couldn't really work outside.  I wish I had a shed or garage to work in! Anyway - here's today's effort.. I had to paint inside - a couple of coats on the building..

This is son #2's new desk - he is painting also - I borrowed a corner!

Undercoat and a first coat of paint on the windows.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the windows - hope I have a steady enough hand ;-) 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Progress

Still working on things, but here's some progress.  Quite time consuming but it's good fun!
Painting outside, I was surprised to get a visit from the ducks who are using my pool for a while! They've never come so close before :)

Part of the reason the mystery box isn't 'complete' is that I had been wanting to use this!

Lots of cutting & measuring.. gluing.. and that wonderful masking tape!

Meanwhile.. inside isn't getting very far at all.

Tape off! And looking through the window you can see my favorite cutters :) They make life SO easy!

Primer :)

Of course, working on mini's comes at a price - in my house - it means my kitchen/dining area becomes a workshop! ..... a really messy one!

Will be doing a bit more painting tonight if the light is good enough.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

2 weeks of leave :)

Finally it's here - 2 weeks off work! Going to be very busy as I need to finish the mystery box and get photo's up this week, and I have been researching for a project I want to work on.. all I can say at this stage is that I am using the kit below.  I bought this a year ago, paid $20 for it (on sale).. not realising the shipping to Australia would be so much! My total spend? $97.99 haha!! 

Let the fun begin!