Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cardboard & Spray paint :)

Managed to get the place together a little more.. it's still only 3pm :) woohoo!! Going to get SOO much done!

Spray paint :) LOVE it!!

Roof.. so far.. it won't go on till the place is finished.. and SO much to do to it ;-)

Possibly got wayyyy too much corrigated cardboard - but I do have another project requiring it :) 

Not finished.. but looking good! Cans of dog food holding down icy pole sticks too LOL Daunting job.. but hey.. it's going to be worth it! The deadline for me is getting nearer.. 2 more working days off.. then the weekend.  REALLY want to get this done! 
Back to it!!


  1. Making great progress :) Hope the weather stays good for you

  2. Hello Miniaussie,
    It looks fantastic. Great job on the roof!
    Big hug,