Friday, December 23, 2011

Ooh I have new followers!! Welcome!! Working for Australia Post time has been very limited at home, so unfortunately didn't have the mojo thing happening to complete my
Christmas scene :( So sad!!
Oh well, now I'm on 2 weeks leave, the first few days of course will be very busy - Christmas with my kids tomorrow the 24th - then they leave to be with their Dad for Christmas day.  Will be lovely for them, their Aunt, cousins and Grandparents are here from Tasmania. Christmas day I'm spending with a very dear friend of mine, an ex neighbour, and her son.  Will be fun.  the following day with some friends - 26th December here is Boxing day
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas shared with family and friends, stay safe and enjoy :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Help? I can't respond to posts??

So here I am visiting peoples blogs and wanting to comment.. and it keeps asking me to choose 'who I want to be' when I do this.. with no dropdown!! I have seen some beautiful work and wanting to comment, and many will see that I'm visiting your blogs and not saying a word.  This has been happening for a couple of weeks now and I'm a tad upset.. I'm not being rude.. I just can't say anything :(

Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season!! Stay safe.. happy crafting! xx

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Preparing for the silly season..

I have subscribed to the DollsHouse & Miniature Scene mag.. this issue had some cutouts so I've been making some of them today :) I'm still working on some, just thought I'd put a quick post up!
Fun :))

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Followers and those I am close to :)

I don't say a lot about people who join me in my 'little' journey! Thank you to my followers, it really helps build my confidence when I'm so new at this hobby! Please feel free to contribute and offer advice - it would mean a lot to me :)

Hoping to have a new post soon - don't forget to check out the fun mystery box challenge my beautiful sis-in-law Kez and I have happening!! Kez is so talented and has an imagination to die for!  Love her to bits and it's a great way for us to do something together when we're so many miles apart! (Miss you Kez xxx)

I also have another very dear friend Andrea who is new to mini things, doing an awesome job with mini food!! Andrea has been a friend of mine for gosh.. about 14years now, and like Kerry, is a zillion miles away from me! If only we lived closer... *sigh*

Anyway just felt like rambling.. should I add a photo? Hmm.. ok here's one.. some things I bought from a discount store, that will look nothing like this once completed.. (though not sure what I'll do with them yet!)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Part 2 - progress pics from the MB challenge!

Click on Reveal Day to see what I came up with :)

This is the beginning of the bird bath
 Some progress with the butterfly and the bottom of the christmas decoration - and the hairdryer started
Bathroom window..
The bird bath in progress - egg cartoning lol
Hairdryer progress 
The poison bottles were originally going to be something else.. and the barrel being painted
 There's the bird bath up the back.. still a long way to go.. a window to the right, and some candles in the making LOL
 Bird bath before final treatment and watering
 Had lots of trouble with the bbq grill - ended up using a broken pool leaf scoop which kept breaking because it was so brittle! the legs and bench bits are made from paddle pop sticks (large) and some little bits I found in my storage cabinet, those pen things to stain and glossed roughly.

Reveal Day #2

This is going to be long... but 2 of us will get a kick out of it..
Almost 3mths ago, it was Kez's turn to make a mystery box - it was SOO challenging!! Here, again, is what she sent:
Ok where to start.. the black and white fluffy balls, blue material, blue lace and corks! - Bathroom stools..
to the right of that.. gold embellishments (right word?) - serviette holder (a pic with serviettes included later)
Cocktail Umbrella... and some lace.. oh and have to tell you - the 'material' used for this is the cover of a panty liner LOL
Those 2 little cocktail forks? Poison bottles - not very professional and had a smudge 'doh' moment today sealing them :(
Pipecleaner (slack moment.. but saw some online somewhere) - slippers!
Ok that funny orange stand thing.. and the 'egg'.. and the clear plastic (some of the last 2..) oh and some of the cotton.. (don't worry that IS going to better use but this is it for the MB!)
Oh.. which included the witches hat...
Bag of beads and so on.. and the tees! Christmas decoration - and salt and pepper shakers or condiment bottles.. whichever you choose (see serviettes in the stand now too)
The grey pipes, and half the egg.., the barrel, and that darn black flower thing!! (still drying.. thus the snippets of glue in there!)
To show the water.. LOL I loved using that stuff! Need to find a bird - and my first attempts at fimo food..
the outside of the bbq..
The other plastic sheet - a bathroom window :)
And the other part of the bead bag: A doorbell - literally LOL
Some of the flowers & grasses in my pics are from my garden :) Perfect size for a dh!
Oh!! Almost forgot - the butterfly - I used nailpolishes to pretty it up for my girls bedroom..
The black & white material: Kitchen chair upholstery
And just because I was happy with it - I made my first lemon cane - and was pleased with the way it turned out (oh you might have noticed a burger in a bun earlier.. another of my first attempts LOL)
That Mystery box was SOOO challenging!!! My new one isn't quite ready to ship yet.. give me a week. 
Thanks SO much Kez.. another great learning experience, AWESOME fun!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Teaser for Kez LOL

I can't show anything I've been making, but have been hard at it !!! All I CAN show.. is what I have used from the mb so far .. hehehe

Oh WHY is it sideways yet again!! It's not 'here' on the pc!! Doh!! 
A was used alone, B alone, C with part of G.. D alone (which Kez has seen), E both of them together, F with a part of G.. H alone.. I alone.. J with part of G, and K all of those pieces together ..
Oh how I wish I could show more!! :P
I have plans for most of the unmarked things, but am stuck on the b&w fluffy balls! Doh!
Btw Kez.. MB date is beginning of December
LOVING this challenge!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Sunday - oh dear LOL

Not a lot has been done on minis so far this weekend.  I'm about to start now and it's almost 2pm :( shame.. but my house was in such a mess I HAD to do something about it before I could really 'feel' like crafting.  Am I the only one who feels like this? Knows there are chores.. and can't do anything else (in fact I procrastinate) until the needed jobs are done?

But boy have I been spending up LOL Not only did I buy a new computer chair.. lashed out and got one I REALLY wanted (and subsequently fell asleep in it on the first sitting - *bliss*) but also bought myself a few other treats.  Not so sure about one.. we'll get to that...

Something nice to start with - this is the view on my way home.  I live pretty much straight ahead (across the water) - about 2 mins by car from the beach.  Beautiful!! Summer is coming!!

So.. down to spending.. firstly I bought a new book.. and a Dremel Trio!
I'm thinking the trio will be VERY VERY useful for one of my new projects.. (ugh the sideways blog bug strikes again!)

And a $0.99c bargain on ebay.. or is it.. hmmm...
Not so sure if I can do this one.. perhaps I can.. maybe not.  The lady selling it 'didn't have time for the hobby any more (stay tuned, there's another coming up).. doesn't look like anything has been done on this in years LOL.  It's chipboard.. ugh - and has been wet so many parts are swollen.  I'd have to replace the front doors, adjust hinges and so on.  I wasn't sure of the scale - it's 1:24.  
So.. was going to throw it out (for 99c why not..) BUT.. I accidentally bought some brass furniture in 1:24.. so why not use it! 

The 1:24 furniture: came a while ago.. now I have somewhere to put it! OH YES blog bug - lets show this one upside down!! (I DID make sure before I uploaded all these images that they were the right way up btw..)

So.. while I was picking up the above little wreck of a home.. she showed me the other house.. and yes.. I won that too (WHERE am I going to PUT these places??)
$25.. rather appealing little place, I have something in mind for it.. ONE day.. *sigh*

Got my printer working, so printed out some pages of stuff from Jennifers printables, which I'll go and work on now :) 
Simple but fulfilling! Nice to have my printer up and running! (OMG Sideways yet again?)

A few more hours left in the day.. dinner, bed.. then back to work *sigh* This is my messy, crowded, tiny horrid office I share with .... my son LOL

That's it for now.  If I finish some of my printables stuff I'll post it maybe.. depends on how they come out!
Hope you're all enjoying the weekend.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bon bon progress

Wow!! I have been having a ball doing this little project!!  I'ts such a forgiving scale too LOL
I forgot to post what it's actually going to be.. a bon bon!

Here's my progress so far.  I need to work out how to get the lights working, and wrap it.  Wasn't sure how to decorate my tree but found some glitter glue that did the trick nicely :) I'm really pleased with it!

I got so hooked on 1:48 that I have purchased a ton of stuff to work on something else .. addictive!

Will post the entire thing once I get it all together, won't be today though, no idea how to get the lights working - it has 3 'downlights' in the ceiling - can't wait to see them  work!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A place for shoes....

So.. here's my version of the project today
And yes.. I need to do something with those ribbons in the lid lol.. thinking 'what' ;-)

Workshop day!!

Had fun at todays workshop - we had two special projects to work on.  I chose a shoe 'box'.. shown below.  I havent' finished it yet but it won't look like this LOL

It was also 'garage sale' day, so managed to find a couple of little things I wanted.. REALLY wanted some spindles.. and there were some.. but by the time I got within reach.. they'd all gone! Doh!

Oh.. below is actually 2 sets of shelving

And.. although I wasn't booked for the 'other' project, I couldn't resist buying the kit.. 1/48 here I come!
(still don't know how to fix that sideways pic.. it's ok on my pc... hmmm) this is done in a pringles tube!