Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Best Miniatures Blog Nominations

I beleive there are many blogs worthy of an award, have nominated my favorite today!

Nominate your favorite blog here!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Oh wow!!! Check these out!! My undies went missing in my gift from Kez - and look what she did!! Aren't they exquisite!! Such a talented lady! I am in awe!!! Also the next Mystery Box stuff has arrived.. along with other trinkets :) <3 my Sis! xxxx Thank you! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mystery Box - fianlly some pics! Doh!

It all started with this.. even I (the filler of the box) didn't put much thought into it when I collected stuff.. it was SOO difficult GRRR LOL

Simple.. (and shows a bit more progress in the other project) - bottle brushes LOL

A bag.. I had a clasp thing on it but took it off.. decided it was better as a book sachel or something :/

The sideways grinch strikes again - part of the other project.. making the mirrored wall.. and shelf :) Am very happy with it so far! Ok.. nothing to do with the mb.. but wanted to share..

This is a tag from a tshirt one of my boys got for Christmas - goes perfectly with my theme :) Again nothing to do with the mb - but it's so interesting what you can put to use! 

A stool.. I have made 2.. 

This is a bench top.. with the little flowers from the fabric cut out to use as coasters

I can't paint for nuts.. but one thing we had to do was paint a plate out of the monitor stickies.

That horrid big round bit of metal.. made into a wall clock - as you can see it's still drying LOL I didn't want the hearts 'uniform'..

So.. the room is going to be.... ;-) The bar runner is part of the mb..

A filthy ashtray!

Looking through the window :) the bar is far from finished!

Runner again

This hasn't been quite finished so it's just sitting against the wall LOL But you get the general idea..

Oh.. Some straws :) The black bit is part of the mb :)

Onward.. still a couple of things I need to do.. at least there's a few things posted at last!
I failed with some clear plastic 'tape' stuff - was making one of those 'fly doors' to keep flies out.. it just didn't work - plus in reality it was way too thick - so that stuff didn't get used.  More to follow when I get it ready!

Happy New Year!!