Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mystery Box - fianlly some pics! Doh!

It all started with this.. even I (the filler of the box) didn't put much thought into it when I collected stuff.. it was SOO difficult GRRR LOL

Simple.. (and shows a bit more progress in the other project) - bottle brushes LOL

A bag.. I had a clasp thing on it but took it off.. decided it was better as a book sachel or something :/

The sideways grinch strikes again - part of the other project.. making the mirrored wall.. and shelf :) Am very happy with it so far! Ok.. nothing to do with the mb.. but wanted to share..

This is a tag from a tshirt one of my boys got for Christmas - goes perfectly with my theme :) Again nothing to do with the mb - but it's so interesting what you can put to use! 

A stool.. I have made 2.. 

This is a bench top.. with the little flowers from the fabric cut out to use as coasters

I can't paint for nuts.. but one thing we had to do was paint a plate out of the monitor stickies.

That horrid big round bit of metal.. made into a wall clock - as you can see it's still drying LOL I didn't want the hearts 'uniform'..

So.. the room is going to be.... ;-) The bar runner is part of the mb..

A filthy ashtray!

Looking through the window :) the bar is far from finished!

Runner again

This hasn't been quite finished so it's just sitting against the wall LOL But you get the general idea..

Oh.. Some straws :) The black bit is part of the mb :)

Onward.. still a couple of things I need to do.. at least there's a few things posted at last!
I failed with some clear plastic 'tape' stuff - was making one of those 'fly doors' to keep flies out.. it just didn't work - plus in reality it was way too thick - so that stuff didn't get used.  More to follow when I get it ready!

Happy New Year!!


  1. Wow love them :) you sure have been busy the pub is comming along fabulously! Love the mirror wall and the tag works so well as a poster ....something I had never considered ,oh no now not only will I buy things for the packs they come in I will be looking at the tags too lol. Great work you should be proud :)

  2. Beautiful minis, especially the wall clock.
    Happy 2013!
    Bye Faby