Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's going to take more than today..

I got a bit sorted.. the problem isn't so much my mini stuff.. it's the stuff that I have nowhere to PUT :(( But I did progress a little, have had enough of it for today LOL. The purple bag there is rubbish.. I really have done a lot.. doesn't show does it!

That bear?? oh dear... I'm so pathetic.. seems that's why Ted was breaking into that part of the room all the time.. and I gave in *sigh*

A true addict shouldn't hold anything back...

So.. yesterday's post was mild.. I didn't show you underneath and around... oh dear.. I really DO have a lot of work to do.. that is todays plan, and as an added incentive to myself, I will post an 'after' pic by the end of the day.  I know my Mum watches my blog.. oh this is bad.. sorry Mum xxx LOL

So.. First pic is my trolley of current projects/handy things which kind of got out of hand with purchases being dumped in there.. yes that will get tidied up today.. The bag next to it isn't mini stuff.. it's old clothes ready for the op shop.

Now.. in the mess is also a huge collection of motorbike helmets (hmm perhaps 8?), gloves and boots that I really must either get rid of.. or store somewhere...  this little area is designed to be the 'door' to stop my dog getting into my craft area LOL - yes it needs sorting (I have already started on that bit and lots has been removed!)

The pierce.. has things stacked in and under it.. the bookshelf to the left, full of books (of course) and some mini stuff, helicopters on top.... and boxes of handy things. See the flowers? They were chucked out the front of a shop that was closing down.. well you never know.. they could be useful?

Under the homestead.. various bits of furniture I have bought still in boxes.. and handy packaging for stonework.. oh and the famous mars bar shelf on the left I'm storing papers in to keep them nice & flat, gosh I even kept a bra.. what the?? That can go out..

Those drawers are full of mini stuff.. as are the baskets, boxes and red bag on the right.. on the left is a pile of stuff that I'm not sure what to do with - things from my old car that I don't want to put in my new car.. and old school work I don't know if I should keep or not.. and a bear I bought from work because I thought at the time it was a bargain.. I'll give it to the KMart tree this year or something :) A collection of digeridoos.. so aussie ;-) - oh .. see the shiney blue thing on the far right? That's a plastic sheet to protect my carpet if I ever find room to craft in here. Of course, every mini person should have.. a softball bat too.. (I should make a find the game out of this!)

Under the other house (which is sitting in front of a bir door.. so I can't get in there) is my Lisa's cottage unopened.. and the front of said house.. and other bits.. 

 Oh.. one more thing.. a while back Kez bought a stationary cabinet.. I thought yes!! What a great idea.. so.. I copied her idea.. it's a pigsty.. - bottom half.. (getting desperate for room things have just been chucked in there)

Top half... at least all my glues and stuff are in one area.. and the 2nd shelf is mainly 'kits'

I found something tidy!!!!!

Guess I should get busy.....
A note to Andee, if you read this.. you have now been officially warned just what this mini little hobby can turn into.. ;-) and I KNOW I'm not alone! Welcome to the club hahaha!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh the shame of it all!!

It's Saturday night, and I'm trying to sort through my mess.  The bargain from my last post was sitting on the kitchen bench for a while, so I could figure out what I might want to do with it.. (and where I could put it), well today it was handed to me bluntly - the boys are embarrassed to have a mother who plays  with doll houses !!! They'll NEVER get it!! So.. I put that one in my bedroom too.  The bedroom is a MESS, I can't MOVE in that side of the room :((

So.. I have started tidying up and sorting - oh wow I have accumulated SO much stuff!!  What you can't see here is a built in wardrobe, and my stationary cupboard.. oh and my book case.. but you MIGHT just notice.. another little fetish of mine LOL - some remote control helicopters, and in my wardrobe I have some nitro remote cars (or whatever it's called) LOL - pathetic.. will I ever grow up??
Here's my mess.. half sorted :/

My bedroom is 2 rooms with a wall removed.. so don't worry - there IS a bed.. on the other side.. I have divided it into 2 rooms again :)

Below is my homestead, still unfinished, and stacked with junk, oh.. there to the right is my bookcase.. to the left of the house is something so so handy.. (and not yet in full use) a mars bar stand which was left out the front of a shop LOL.. to the far left is one of my ebay purchases 1/3 finished.. and the rest is MESS - pure mess.. to sort (ouch)

My bargain buy is sitting on my filing cabinet.. just behind it are my helicopters LOL they're sitting on the book shelf. Then of course you can see my *in need of TLC* Pierce.  

I'll get this sorted.. really I will.....................

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My $10.50 bargain :))

Thanks to Kez yet again!! LOL I put a bid on it last night - max bid $15.. and got it for $10.50.  Fitted in my tiny car.. so petrol cost for the hour each way was about $10 too LOL. Needs some repair, and had to crack up at how the stairs were installed!!! It's been well played with but all parts are there to repair it including 2 chimneys which must still be somewhere in the car... they'll turn up! Thanks Kez! xx

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This week...

So.. I decided with all those magazine 'bit's.. I'd make a corner room to take photo's in.  The magazines provided parts to make a dolls house too.. but I didn't get all parts so thought the pieces would be handy used for other things.  I slapped this together, also using the wallpaper and flooring provided in the kits... and the furniture shown is also from that collection.  The picture on the wall I just put there for character LOL
They're in a drying process now so hopefully nobody will move the 'room' from where it is atm.. on the stove! 
The chairs still need upholstering and the room divide kept falling apart at the 'joins' so will have to fix that - I used some plastic lacing for the insert that Kez sent me a while back :)  It's been fun.. lots and lots of sanding, and quite imperfect in places but am happy with the result so far.  Oh.. the silver embellishments on the corner unit were from 'clasps' I picked up at Spotlight in the bargain bin, cut the ends and back off and decided to use them over the joins that were there.

A little Recognition?

I won a book on ebay.....

LOVE this book, so many projects, really well written etc.. took it to bed the other night for a read before falling asleep....

the next day I attacked my box of collection magazines shown here.. I have put them all in a folder in order and decided I should see whats actually IN them, as I had only used the instruction sheets for making the items included..
The magazines include that book - and more!!!! I'm not sure if it's all there yet.. but imagine my surprise!
I'll send the copies that I already have in the book.. to my beloved SIL ;-) No sense keeping 2!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kits and things

Been working on a few things, most of it very very unfinished but thought I'd post progress.  The first two things are from kits from the workshops I go to.. the others are kits from the magazines I won on ebay.  Those bits are a long way from finished :)  The toilet and bath were just snap together LOL.

Puzzles. Very easy, and fit into the not-so-easy-for-me box LOL One down.. 5 to go...

These were fun :) (ooh the sideways blog-monster strikes again!!)

Snap together things from the magazine collection:

Very unfinished, as I said.  Need better sanding (I got lazy) and I didn't have filler, and really wanted some.. thought I could get away without it - nope!! There is also a table in progress and a corner cabinet.

That's it for now.. didn't get as much done as I'd have liked :( Oh well.. tomorrow is another day!!