Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kits and things

Been working on a few things, most of it very very unfinished but thought I'd post progress.  The first two things are from kits from the workshops I go to.. the others are kits from the magazines I won on ebay.  Those bits are a long way from finished :)  The toilet and bath were just snap together LOL.

Puzzles. Very easy, and fit into the not-so-easy-for-me box LOL One down.. 5 to go...

These were fun :) (ooh the sideways blog-monster strikes again!!)

Snap together things from the magazine collection:

Very unfinished, as I said.  Need better sanding (I got lazy) and I didn't have filler, and really wanted some.. thought I could get away without it - nope!! There is also a table in progress and a corner cabinet.

That's it for now.. didn't get as much done as I'd have liked :( Oh well.. tomorrow is another day!!


  1. Love the toys they look great :) and those magazine kits dont look too bad either :) well worth the money ;)

  2. Those little puzzles are so cute. How small are they?