Sunday, September 11, 2011

This week...

So.. I decided with all those magazine 'bit's.. I'd make a corner room to take photo's in.  The magazines provided parts to make a dolls house too.. but I didn't get all parts so thought the pieces would be handy used for other things.  I slapped this together, also using the wallpaper and flooring provided in the kits... and the furniture shown is also from that collection.  The picture on the wall I just put there for character LOL
They're in a drying process now so hopefully nobody will move the 'room' from where it is atm.. on the stove! 
The chairs still need upholstering and the room divide kept falling apart at the 'joins' so will have to fix that - I used some plastic lacing for the insert that Kez sent me a while back :)  It's been fun.. lots and lots of sanding, and quite imperfect in places but am happy with the result so far.  Oh.. the silver embellishments on the corner unit were from 'clasps' I picked up at Spotlight in the bargain bin, cut the ends and back off and decided to use them over the joins that were there.

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  1. Looks great :) you have been busy and I love the use of the plastic lace it works really well :)