Saturday, September 17, 2011

My $10.50 bargain :))

Thanks to Kez yet again!! LOL I put a bid on it last night - max bid $15.. and got it for $10.50.  Fitted in my tiny car.. so petrol cost for the hour each way was about $10 too LOL. Needs some repair, and had to crack up at how the stairs were installed!!! It's been well played with but all parts are there to repair it including 2 chimneys which must still be somewhere in the car... they'll turn up! Thanks Kez! xx


  1. Wow great buy looks better in your pics than it did on ebay :) LOL at the stair instillation

  2. This has to be the bargain of the year!! What a great project. I see what you mean about the stairs, easily fixed though.

  3. Que buena compra! Me alegro por ti, es preciosa
    Un abrazo