Sunday, September 11, 2011

A little Recognition?

I won a book on ebay.....

LOVE this book, so many projects, really well written etc.. took it to bed the other night for a read before falling asleep....

the next day I attacked my box of collection magazines shown here.. I have put them all in a folder in order and decided I should see whats actually IN them, as I had only used the instruction sheets for making the items included..
The magazines include that book - and more!!!! I'm not sure if it's all there yet.. but imagine my surprise!
I'll send the copies that I already have in the book.. to my beloved SIL ;-) No sense keeping 2!


  1. Tienes 2? que bien Sil estara contenta
    Un abrazo

  2. I just LOVE books by Venus Dodge. You will find hours of inspiration and enjoyment in your new find and your SIL will too!