Sunday, March 11, 2012

Post 1 for today :)

Firstly, I have stolen a pic from Kez
This is our next Mystery Box!! 
I put this one together, and still have no idea really what to make.. oh well.. it'll come *sigh*

Below is a photo of the 'Worlds smallest Postal Service', by Chronicle Books.  I purchased one a while back and decided to put it to use today, and package up a small gift each for 2 very special people in my life.
Good fun, and yes, there is a cute little gift inside (that I can't reveal because one person reads this blog!)

I didn't make the package below.. this is from the Chronicle website :)

firstly wrapped 'the gift' in newspaper..

wrote a little note :) and placed it in the tiny little envelope... sealed and stamped it..

And wrapped the gifts.... ready for postage :) Sorry.. I can't let you have everyone's addresses so had to scribble over them with Gimp LOL

Of course, if you do make these, they need to be put into a larger package for sending :) One is to be hand delivered, the other I might post - or wait till Kez arrives at my place for a week of mini fun and other things!

Hoping to get some crafting in over the next 2 days.. got a day off on Monday yay - a public holiday!! I have moved all my dollhouse books into the bookcase in the lounge room for easier access, found I wasn't referring to them enough, the mojo could happen more often now!
Back to work.. and hoping to have another post done later today.