Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reveal Day #2

This is going to be long... but 2 of us will get a kick out of it..
Almost 3mths ago, it was Kez's turn to make a mystery box - it was SOO challenging!! Here, again, is what she sent:
Ok where to start.. the black and white fluffy balls, blue material, blue lace and corks! - Bathroom stools..
to the right of that.. gold embellishments (right word?) - serviette holder (a pic with serviettes included later)
Cocktail Umbrella... and some lace.. oh and have to tell you - the 'material' used for this is the cover of a panty liner LOL
Those 2 little cocktail forks? Poison bottles - not very professional and had a smudge 'doh' moment today sealing them :(
Pipecleaner (slack moment.. but saw some online somewhere) - slippers!
Ok that funny orange stand thing.. and the 'egg'.. and the clear plastic (some of the last 2..) oh and some of the cotton.. (don't worry that IS going to better use but this is it for the MB!)
Oh.. which included the witches hat...
Bag of beads and so on.. and the tees! Christmas decoration - and salt and pepper shakers or condiment bottles.. whichever you choose (see serviettes in the stand now too)
The grey pipes, and half the egg.., the barrel, and that darn black flower thing!! (still drying.. thus the snippets of glue in there!)
To show the water.. LOL I loved using that stuff! Need to find a bird - and my first attempts at fimo food..
the outside of the bbq..
The other plastic sheet - a bathroom window :)
And the other part of the bead bag: A doorbell - literally LOL
Some of the flowers & grasses in my pics are from my garden :) Perfect size for a dh!
Oh!! Almost forgot - the butterfly - I used nailpolishes to pretty it up for my girls bedroom..
The black & white material: Kitchen chair upholstery
And just because I was happy with it - I made my first lemon cane - and was pleased with the way it turned out (oh you might have noticed a burger in a bun earlier.. another of my first attempts LOL)
That Mystery box was SOOO challenging!!! My new one isn't quite ready to ship yet.. give me a week. 
Thanks SO much Kez.. another great learning experience, AWESOME fun!!!

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  1. OMG WOW WOW WOW love the hairdryer ,bbq saltn pepper shakers etc etc etc etc Fantastic! beautiful! amazing ! OMG I must go back and look again xxxxxxxxxx Thankyou!