Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumping out the posts to keep them a bit shorter...

Firstly bricks... just added some furniture for the effect ;-) Kez bought this bar for me for my birthday - can't wait to use it!!  The maid is preparing the floor for me :)

I bought these a LONG long time ago, got them from England LOL Didn't realise I can actually get them in Aus too! Go see Tombthumbs! I love this store :)

Laying these with Tacky glue, and using a black chalk to dust over it & rubbing it in.. liking the effect so far!

It's Melbourne Cup day!! haha - what better way to display scale while things dry :)

Still working.. nice to see my plans coming together!

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  1. Hello MiniAussie,
    I love the floor. It looks beautiful. The bar and the dolls are great to. I love the lady cleaning the floors.
    Big hug,