Saturday, July 30, 2011

Awesome day!!

The workshop was fantastic! I didn't expect so many people there, so busy! The ladies were so nice and welcoming too!! I didn't know how the days worked but put my tool kit and other bits on a space on a table and wandered around for a bit of a look to see what goes... Lots of long long tables covered in plastic.. a few piles of things here and there, and people everywhere!  Up the other end of the room was coffee making facility, and a bit of a 'show room' where I got to see what we will be doing at the end of the month, and a few other things on display.  Only took one photo of that, this lady worked the room around the dragon in it! Also met the lady who made the dragon - and watched her working on one for a while.  Beautiful!!

There were 4 projects today, I only completed one!!! Worked on this till lunch time and did commence making a book but messed it up (scored too hard LOL) so the lady gave me another book to work on at home.  I also bought a few more kits, some for Kez too (will pop them in the mail Monday).  Another person was showing how to make wooden toys for the nursery - they were gorgeous so grabbed a kit for myself and one for Kez ;-) It's lovely to see people's imagination emerge, everyone had a slightly different version of things!  One of the workshops was in 1:24 scale and I didn't bother with any kits or anything for that just yet.. let me get used to 1:12 first!
So.. I made this chair (below) and foot stool.  It's made from the centre of toilet rolls so really anyone can do them.  I have seen this on the internet somewhere.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out, others were too which was pretty flattering haha!! Not that hard to make, just time consuming - and interesting to see how others do things so picked up a few hints and tips along the way.
Can't wait for the next workshop - another thing I got out of it was the sheer joy of being somewhere without men! (oh there was ONE there but he wasn't working on things, just visiting but he does wood turning in miniature).  Working with mostly men, and having 2 young men at home, it was a really refreshing change to be sitting with a bunch of women!! Loved it!

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  1. So glad you had a great day, and so nice to be around people that share your passion . Nice work! OMG you bought me something else hmmmm better start shopping for you ;)