Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tiny Post!

I've been working on things this weekend but really have nothing to show for it - nothing is really ready including the chairs below.. which are still drying and the cushions aren't attached yet LOL - they won't be quite so shiny which is the look I wanted.

I wanted to at least post something though.  The stamp album - how cute is that! My sis-in-law sent me some little things.. the others I haven't taken pics of yet, will show them in 'their place' when the time comes. 
The chairs are house of miniatures, just changed the fabric so it will go better in the room they're going in :)

Going to a doll house show next weekend and can't wait!!


  1. The chairs look great :) so much better than the blue kit fabric

  2. Beautiful fabric on the chairs! Can't wait to see more of the room!