Sunday, September 19, 2010

furniture kits

Oooh fun.. I bought some furniture kits on eBay - they're not quite finished - ie not quite got the woodgrain how I want them, but here they are:

Oh that's our new prime minister on the paper - LOL no doubt you've heard all about our hung parliament ;-)
anyway another pic

Anyway, I'm using Jo Sonja's Gloss varnish for these.. they aren't very glossy which is the look I want.  So far 2 coats.  For the one on the (now) left.. I'm going to put different door knobs.. just lost one and can't find it anywhere - didn't glue it in place properly! doh!! anyway it's kept me very busy with sanding and getting how I want.
Been very busy ebaying too *sigh* must stop that!!


  1. Awww, I like those! Yeah, you wouldn't want them to be glossy looking. Good paper to choose to do your messy work on. LOL!

  2. Nice furniture! I like this style much more than the fancier Victorian furniture.