Friday, September 10, 2010

Purchases and no progress!

The weather has been dreadful - hoping for a beautiful day on Sunday so I can finally do some work on my house.  I've been so busy on eBay buying bits and pieces and it's all slowly arriving!  Being a postie - of course I HAD to have a mailbox and managed to find one of my favorite ones on eBay too - they're quick to deliver to and take A4 mail too!! Had to have it and it arrived today.  A couple more books came in too so will be very busy getting ideas from them!!

Something I'm very nervous about is when I get down to wiring - so far haven't really found any information that really spells it out clearly - although I hear there are some good youtube video's on it.

Being my first house, perhaps I'm biting off a little more than I can chew - but am in no rush to finish it till everything is perfectly how I want it - SOO want to do a good job!!

Anyway, hopefully some new pics this weekend, although I have a couple of social outings I have to attend, and all I want to do really is stay home and start decorating!!

If anyone reads this, how long did your first house take??


  1. Too bad the weather hasn't been good. Here's hoping tomorrow is better for ya! Can't you work on furniture or anything in the meantime? Looking forward to when you can get some pics up!

  2. I guess I really want to get the house built first so it's not so messy in the living room haha - there is stuff everywhere - have accumulated a lot over the last few weeks! No more spending now though! I have some things from ebay coming that I will be able to work on inside - hope it comes next week :)