Monday, February 6, 2012


Yay, I made a book!! The last time I did it it was dreadful - scored way too heavily and ended up in all kinds of mess.. well this time it went more smoothly - however I could still refine the art a bit - to look closely, some probably wouldn't use this - but I will!

Lots of pages drying :)

This is a hard cover - was fun to make it!

Just another angle..

I also made some little handtowels.. they're glued folded - just a decorative touch :)

The dry sink - didn't come up as planned, I might be pulling it apart and starting over yet.. or just use it somewhere where it won't matter LOL. I managed to get the handles in - that was another fear conquered.. still trying to find a way to bend them down - or just leave them because I quite like them like that! Not finished & lacquered because it may be in pieces again soon ..

Back to it!!


  1. Wow the book came up great...I may even attempt one of the book kits you got me later today ;)I use flat nose pliers that I have for jewelry making to fold down the handles ...but theres no need to they look great standing out.

    1. LOVE the book. It came out perfect! I really want to try and make one someday too!