Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kitchen work

Hmmm.. been a while since I've blogged hey ;-)  Did a little bit tonight - added some door knobs, wallpapered the kitchen and put the flooring in - and even put in the window.  Now to decide what I want to do with the room furniture wise.  Have a lot of different options thanks to impulse buying and so on hahaha!!
Also cut some timber for dado - somewhere.. might not use it - just experimenting!!

Here it is with the white furnishings...

****NEWS FLASH!!!****
I FOUND the rest of my floral wallpaper!!! It was in with some job applications of all places - WHY would I put it there?? Oh yes.. it's the obvious place.. duh!! Normally anything lost is in the fridge.  Must put this folder in my list of places to look in future.  Anyway - that room is now complete as well - just need to fit the door and my downstairs rooms are almost complete (apart from the front, cornice & skirting).

Cafe Curtains for the kitchen perhaps??


  1. Lovely kitchen! I haven't started mine yet. You've done a wonderful job here!

  2. Thank you - not really sure how I will decorate it yet.. ie the white might not happen LOL but it made for a complete kitchen at the time ;-)

  3. LOL! That top pic threw me off. I wondered where you were and why your webpage was showing up on some huge screen. The I realised it was your mini doll looking at your monitor.

    Lovehow the kitchen turned out! You did a great job on that. The positioning is great!