Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some progress.. and continuing...

So... I started to wallpaper! Thinking it's a good thing I've done that IRL LOL - it's coming up ok.. however.. devastation struck!! I purchased this paper on eBay because I really loved it.. when I got it, of course, it wasn't enough to do the room, so had to order more.  Well the original - is in a 'safe' place.. and I can't find it!!!! So.. the job is only half done :(((

I have also started on the study.. although not impressed with my choice of paper so am considering doing it again with something else.  This paper is thicker - and was harder to lay.. :( OR I may choose to keep it imperfect, since the house isn't intended to be.
I will be putting skirting boards in which will enable lighting.. what I see as 'the easy way'

I have since cut out the window and the door in the other room.. tonight I will attach the study window, maybe.  Internal doors are still in the painting process :)
At least I finally got something done.  Also tonight I am attempting to make a lounge suite (sofa & armchairs)..
trial and error there!!

visited a doll house shop today - which gave me a bit more of an idea of the size of things - even though I have a lot of stuff already (and some I won't use lol) - I got to see lights, and how flowers and so on were made.. some great ideas! 


  1. Hi Sandra, I love your wallpaper and it matches great with the carpet!

  2. I like the wallpaper too. Very nice choice!