Monday, November 29, 2010

Learning to buy just anything

Firstly - I played lol - some of the beautiful food Kerry made for me put to use, still not really sure how I will have my kitchen yet - this was just a play ;-)

I went to a car boot sale on the weekend, with my house in mind.  Didn't find a lot.. but DID find these coasters for $1 (there are actually 6)... oh the possibilities are endless!!!

Also got some materials for bedding and towels - some 'plant' type things, and some awesome beads which will make my Christmas tree perfect!!  Oh.. and have some Fimo coming :))

Lots of decorating for christmas to do - hoping to get a ton done in the next couple of weeks. Got to tame these fat fingers to do intricate work.. I have found some ideas that REALLY interest me so hoping to start trying a few things soon!


  1. Buena compra ¡Enhorabuena!. Un saludo, Eva

  2. Tienes una casa preciosa. La cocina me encanta.
    Buenas compras.
    Besos Clara