Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No progress, but......

I did purchase another book, from the book depository (thank you Mum!!) which arrived today!!  I don't know how much of a library I will end up with but when I embark on things, I like to do lots of research.  Also bought an ebook LOL
  Anyway - here's the book I got - of course only skimmed through it so far and have already got a few ideas out of it..

Something else that has me excited is my Mum.  Mum is great at doing 'small' work.  Currently she is tatting (something I've been tempted to try!), and Mum would love to make me some things for my house.  It'd be awesome to have her work in the house!! I know she shares my enthusiasm as she has already expressed an interest several times over the years in doll houses, and wow she has a beautiful collection of dolls too! This will be a lovely way to share my interest from afar with her :)

Work has been busy so haven't been able to get outside and work because I get out too late - and the weather is going to be awful for the next few days - wishing I had a garage so badly.. hmmm do I dare use the car port - maybe I should ;-)

Oh.. also bought on ebay some door handles and doorknocker - and the wiring stuff for my house so I can install wires before covering walls etc.. and.. purchased a doll house tool kit SOOO cheap from the UK.. but somehow doubting it will arrive :(( Fingers crossed!!!


  1. You certainly have been adding nicely to your collection. It's nice to hear that your Mum wants to help out. Really makes me happy to hear that.

    I went to the newsagent today to get my next crochet magazine issue, and it isn't out til next Monday. Total disappointment! LOL

  2. Thank you :) Yes love books haha any information I can find I cherish!! Shame about your next magazine lol going to be a longgg weekend for you!