Saturday, August 28, 2010

Had to add to it...

Sitting here idle - waiting for tomorrow so I can do some more work on my new home.  Hey... I can't afford to buy a house to LIVE in - therefore this will get a lot of love and imagination!
Wallpapers are hard to choose from - have scoured sites and not yet found something 'just right' even for my first room!! I do know I'd like to dado one room.  Anyway on impulse I did buy a couple of cheap items from eBay...

 I doubt I'll actually use them.. the tiny things are plastic and not very attractive but if I decide on a girls room could be handy - plus they could be painted I guess?  The dresser.. does show it's not the best quality IRL - looks good if you don't look too closely - although not perfect - or as intricate as i would like.  You get what you pay for ;-)  Cute all the same!!

I also looked at clays and the likes today - wouldn't mind making my own characters down the track! Small steps... didn't indulge!

My house STINKS right now - we're getting high on fumes !

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