Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's a start :)

Ok here we go.. just moved here from another blog so will condense the start of it a bit.

I was searching for a miniature bottle - because I wanted to dress up a frame I had bought to put my brother and son in - that search led me to a new beginning - kind of...

When I was tiny - our neighbour built me the most exquiste doll house - I loved it and used it for years!!! Once I was too old for dolls, it was passed down to the girls next door - who decided it might be good for firewood - my house disintegrated, and I was devastated!!

Over the years I have collected various miniatures and my mum has always given me something tiny in my Christmas stocking - little things for me are just devine!!

So - in the search for this little bottle - I ended up spending over $400!!!

I bought this:
It's called 'homestead' and is made by Craftworks in Australia. Just a small beginning - but enough to keep me busy for a while to come. My house arrived last week and I procrastinated for a few days, fearing perhaps that I couldnt' do it LOL.

Today I headed to the hardware store to buy some stuff.. decided my home will be western red cedar, and haven't quite decided on roof colour or trimmings yet - possibly maroon and green.

Beautiful day so started staining!!

All outer walls have been stained, and the front door.. which I want to darken at some stage - not quite sure how to do that yet ;-)

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