Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hope you all had a GREAT Christmas!!!

Yes, been slack  - hope Christmas was fun for everyone!  Finally did some work!  Firstly though - check out the goodies my beloved Sis-in-law sent over! Wow she has been busy - been hoping she would start a blog as there is much more than food on the go at her place! (c'mon Kerry BLOG!!)

Here's the goodies:

Oh here we go again!! Sideways?? It's not on my puter.. what's with that??

Anyway - you get the idea :) Also.. I purchased some Heidi Ott dolls a while back, the baby kit so I could knit.. and a wigless lady LOL.  Got knitting after deliberating over which sex I wanted it to be:

Then there's the fireplace!  Found it on eBay - just fell in love with it - and started construction today - here it is so far:

But wait! There's more!! I also have some furniture kits !!  Making this one.. still need to clean up some bits here and there as you can see - but it's well under way!

Back to work tomorrow - so progress will slow again, 2 days of work then 4 more days off YAY!!!

Happy New Year!!

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  1. Bonitos elementos que no dudo quedarán muy bien en la decoración de su casa. Seguiré sus progresos. Un saludo, Eva