Friday, January 7, 2011

Tough week - and a mystery??

Gosh.. I have done NOTHING :( Been a really tough week at work, long hours and not a lot of time for myself.  One of my posties got bitten by a dog.. not once, but twice.. and the dog owner got nasty on my courtesy call to ask him to restrain the dog.. and came in and plonked said harmless dog on the counter - MUZZLE in place - demanding to see me and have a piece of me.. ongoing investigation as he has now dissappeared - and the issue has been handed over to the local council to deal with.  NO regard whatsoever towards my injured staff member! GRRRR - drama after drama this week.. and a huge lack of staff so I'm pretty tired :(  In fact got home tonight and fell asleep as soon as I got in the door!

Tonight it's hot.. and I still have no desire to create!  After work today I went to pick up my mail from the post office and got home with 2 parcels.

One was something I'd ordered.. and the other one.. I have NO idea where it came from.. HMMMMM....
It contained miniatures - and I was bewildered.. had I ordered them?  I went to all the sites I visit and buy from - NO...
This is what was in the package:

 I am suspicious.. ;-) The package wasn't addressed the same as it would be.. if I'd ordered it and paid with paypal.. similar.. but not 'quite' the same - hmmmmm..... the plot thickens!!

Gorgeous surprise, I just love the items.. the little spice jars omg - they're adorable - and empty ones to fill myself - should get the creative juices flowing when I get some life back into me!


  1. they from Col i got similar :)

  2. I think it's Santa! ...he was just late on all the deliveries this year :)