Saturday, January 22, 2011

Too much work and not enough play!!

Gosh - been quiet haven't I... nothing has been done.  I have ebayed a bit.. and did manage to find a wheelie bin at the local grocery shop haha - it's so cute - full of sherbert that I will have to devour before turning it into a piece for my house.

My long hours are over (as are the big dollars *sob*) and I'm back to part time - perhaps NOW I can get some work done on my house - and start creating some wonders.  I have 2 weeks leave coming up at the end of
February too.  Right now though - am concentrating on getting my pool clean, keeping house, and feeding the family.  Neverending..

But.. I'm still around, and still love miniatures.. in case anyone wondered!

1 comment:

  1. about time you made an appearance ...the wheely bin sounds cute....I will keep my eyes open for that one :D