Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Shopping :))

Had a weekend of no crafting - not entirely happy! BUT!! I did head out and do some shopping preparing for the finalising of a few rooms! Managed to find some wonderful carpets, wallpapers and trims at and went to a market and grabbed some 1mm crochet hooks (figured why not get 2 in case one breaks!) to try and make a couple of doilies!  Also got beads and other bits & pieces that look like nothing at the moment but I have plans for! A box.. $5 - of cake tier things (what ARE they called?), some clear, some not.. some more intricate than others, plus lots of dowel in various sizes!! woohoo!!! I have some plans there too :)

Had a chuckle at a site the other day that had a thing about 'being a miniature addict'.. not sure where it was, but I reflected that today at the market!! Didn't look at anything for what it was.. but for what it COULD be!! Ahh gotta love the life in the mini world!!
Stay tuned.. I work and don't do much during the week, but I think next weekend will be a busy one craft-wise :)

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