Saturday, May 14, 2011

Progress report - fun day!

Nothing is finished yet.  I decided to make a coffee table similar to one dad made at school - it only had 3 legs! I loved it! On that table many years ago was a lamp of mums, she adored it.. unfortunately one of us kids smashed the cover - so out it went.  I couldn't find one on the net to imitate so it's being done from memory - you'll have to wait for the finished product to see what it's all about LOL

The lounge room (living room?) has been wallpapered, but - the room isn't complete yet.. just posting some pics because I've been slack lately!

the table is made of balsa since it's my first attempt at raw building..

A straw, and plastic container thank you Kez.. it's PERFECT!

Table constructed.. ok a few rough edges.. but hey first attempt remember ;-)

Lounge room - before

 Wallpaper up... not finished!!!

LOL Kez.. you showed me that 'how to make books' link.. 
I cut one out.. and it already has a binding I like!! hahaha!!

Staining - drying on.. what else but the kitchen scales? 
Such a useful appliance ;-)

The most useful tool I have!! Close to the dremel? 
(is that what it's called?) so many attachments! Love it!!

I'll be finishing off the coffee table and lamp tables tonight - the coffee table needs to be glossed, not sure if I HAVE any.. doh!!! I have varnish but it's not really glossy.. perhaps many coats I don't know.  The lamp is nearing completion - not happy with the base but I can make another one easily if it's unsuccessful.. and Mum has just emailed me with further details.. oh this IS fun!!

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  1. The table is comming up great :) and the lounge room looks fantastic ...glad you had a fun and productive day :))lol like the book title works well...and looking forward to seeing the lamp :)